Liz and her husband at Sat Nam Fest Mexico

Liz and her husband at Sat Nam Fest Mexico

My first experience with the So Purkh was the very first Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana back in 2010.  I had no experience with Kundalini yoga, but was an avid lover of mantra and sacred chant.  I was also in a relationship situation that needed some serious overhaul.  Figuring I had nothing to lose, I added my name to the list of participants, got my copy of Nirinjan Kaur’s recitation, and started chanting.  Almost immediately I started to feel the results of the practice.  I began having intense, emotionally charged dreams at night, which gave me much to think about during the day.  By the end of the 40 days I was feeling lighter, having dropped tons of baggage that I’d been carrying around far too long.  Convinced of the benefits, I continued my journey into the world of Kundalini yoga.

Fast forward to the summer of 2012, when a friend of mine was going through a very difficult time in his personal life.  I wanted to do something for him, but wasn’t sure how I could help.  Then I remembered the teachings on the So Purkh.  He said that women could recite it to help elevate and uplift up to 3 men in their lives.  I started my recitation in earnest, hopeful that I could be of some help to my friend.  Little did I think about some of the other “side effects.”  As I continued reciting, things in my life began to shift rapidly.  I ended a long-term relationship which no longer served myself or my former significant other, and moved my things out of the home we shared.  Through this time, I was immensely supported by the recipient of my So Purkh-ing.  As time went on, we grew closer and closer, and eventually realized that our friendship had developed into something more.  Only then did I recall that So Purkh can also bring a man of God into a woman’s life!

At this point, I have been saying the So Purkh daily since June 4, 2012. I very much attribute my yoga practice in general, and So Purkh in particular, with helping me to to trust my intuition, and to be open to the flow of what was going on in my life.  At this point I intend to continue reciting the So Purkh indefinitely. I consider it good relationship preventative maintenance. It’s not that I sit down and have blissful experiences when I say it. It sometimes feels rote, like something I “have to” get done before I can go to sleep at night. But even if I don’t feel amazing or inspired in the moment, knowing that I take some time daily to recite this prayer for my husband feels very good overall. And it really has it’s own momentum now. Why stop? Why not just keep going every day?

I would recommend this practice to all women. It plants amazing seeds that can change your life!

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