A healthy smoothie recipe to boost immunity and fight depression!


After many years of wanting a Vitamix, I finally treated myself to one last year.  We’re madly in love.

The quality of the smoothies that I am now able to make are so incredible, and it’s inspired a creative revolution in my smoothie habits.  I’m always excited to toss something more into the mix and push the boundaries of deliciousness!

Here’s one recipe, the Happy, Healthy, Holy Smoothie.  This smoothie helps keep you balanced and blissful.  For happy, I use fresh cranberries which are  full of the Vitamin C that can keep you in a good mood during the cold winter months and great for a special tartness. For healthy, I use fresh mango which is an excellent anti-viral.  For holy, you can use a few leaves of basil, also known as Holy Basil.  In addition to its rich and fragrant taste, it also has special anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

This is a quick and easy way to protect your body from cold and flu symptoms and rise out of the winter blahs into the spring ahs!

Healthy, Happy, Holy Smoothie

Combine the following ingredients into a blender:

Sliced mango

Handful of cranberries

A few basil leaves (go light handed on this and add gradually to taste)

Drizzle of flax seed oil or sprinkle of ground flax seeds

Crushed ice cubes

Add water to achieve desired consistency


Blend and Bliss Out!

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