(Editor’s Note: In addition to being a great sacred chant musician (A Fearless Heart, Love Infinite Divine, Live from Spirit Fest), Harnam is a talented painter and chef!  His love of art comes out in creating this delicious Raw Vegan Kale Crunch Salad recipe for us all! Spirit Voyage taste tested and tummy approved!)

Kale salad makes a great healthy addition to any dinner plate. It is quick, low calorie and simple to throw together. Shown here alongside Baked Tofu, Vegi Raditore Pasta, Steamed Beets, with an Avocado garnish.  While the rest of the meal is vegan, this super easy salad is both vegan and raw!

Kale is noted  for many anti-cancer health benefits (related to the high concentration and excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A, C, and K). It also contains compounds known to promote healthy vision (lutein and zeaxanthin). Red cabbage is a rich source of vitamins and mineral and is prized for it’s anti-aging effects (also know to be good for the eyes and skin).

Raw Vegan Kale Crunch Salad

One Bunch of fresh organic Kale (any variety)
½ a head of organic red cabbage (medium sized)
Seaweed & Sesame seasoning (if available ~ if not use finely shreded sheets of nori and add sesame seeds )
Olive Oil
Rice wine vinegar
Braggs (optional)
Honey (optional)


Begin by Washing and dry the Kale and removing the spines from each leaf. Role the leaves together and finely chop them into thin strips.  The cabbage can be rinsed off as well and the slice finely into thin strips ~ just large enough to add some crunch. Combine the leaves and mix together in a bowl. Add the seaweed and sesame seeds to taste (a healthy amount will give nice flavor but don’t go over board).  Add the oil and vinegar to taste as well a splash of honey or brags could give additional sweet or salty if desired. Nori can easily be shredded using a regular scissors and Raw sesame seeds will contain more nutrition than toasted (though the later has a particular flavor you may prefer).

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