There are so many sources of stress in our modern world. Work, family life, constant input from the media and internet, all of these things can disrupt our mental and physical health and well-being. Many people try to compensate for low energy with stimulants like caffeine or nicotine. Others try to tune out the stress by watching a lot of television. Yoga is a much healthier way of dealing with the stresses of life, but if we aren’t eating well or are suffering from a hormonal imbalance yoga may not be quite enough. Yogi Bhajan recognized this and sought the help of Shen Master Dr. Harijot to create the herbal tonic Yogi Elixir.

Yogi Bhajan wanted an herbal product that would “help people with their yoga practice.” He worked with Dr. Harijot to created an herbal tonic that would support the glandular and overall health of the yogis who used it. Yogi Elixir contains a carefully balanced combination of 29 different herbs that tone the glandular systems, and support physical and emotional health. The tonics are designed to be safe for long term use, and to enhance people’s vitality. Dr. Harijot drew on his wisdom in Chinese medicine and Herbology to create these Yogi Elixir formulas.

Because men and women have different needs, there is a formula for women and a formula for men. The formula for women contains specific herbs that work to regulate the hormones and tonify the reproductive organs, such as dong quai and shatavari root. For men, the Yogi Elixir contains herbs like ashwaghanda root and damiana leaf, which work on a man’s hormonal and sexual system. In both elixirs, there are also herbs to support the nervous and immune systems, provide vitamin and amino acid boosts, and promote emotional well-being.

Yogi Elixir for Women

Yogi Elixir for Men

Yogis who regularly take Yogi Elixir may find themselves more energized in their daily lives. It is suggested to take the Elixir daily, in the same way one might take a vitamin or medicine, so that the beneficial effects of the herbs can be fully felt. Many yogis report feeling more vibrant and filled with vitality while taking Yogi Elixir, and say it’s better than coffee for an energy boost!

(Editor’s Note: I love taking Yogi Elixir for Women.  It’s completely full of prana and life!  You can really feel the difference after taking it for a long time.)

If you’ve never experienced the benefits of herbal tonics, Yogi Elixir is a wonderful place to start. Made for yogis by an herbal master, in conjunction with Yogi Bhajan, Yogi Elixir is a simple, effective way to improve your health and feel your best!

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