I found this prayer of Yogi Bhajan’s and it really impacted my heart.  It resonates in a powerful way with me, in both its language and its intention.  I can hear his voice in my head saying the prayer with me.  Sometimes the right prayer is all you need to start the moment fresh and with renewed grace and energy.

“Blessed Divine within me, around me, and in all living beings. It is thy will I must perform today, tomorrow and as long as I live and breathe. To understand Thy vastness, to understand Thy Grace, and to understand Thy power within me.  As Thou dwell in me, give me the strength to be pure, graceful, radiant that I may deal with the world with kindess, compassion and care and make my body as Thy temple.  Be with me as my Presiding Lord.  Walk with me, talk with me, and be with me.  I shall be grateful.  Sat nam.”

~ Yogi Bhajan

This prayer can be found in “The Master’s Touch”, a Kundalini Yoga teacher training manual available on www.SpiritVoyage.com!

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