GuruGanesha and his son Akalsahai Singh with Yogi Bhajan

(Editor’s Note: Check out this wonderful photo of GuruGanesha Singh and his son with Yogi Bhajan.  GuruGanesha shares the story of the last time he saw Yogi Bhajan in his body, and the message he received.)

Here’s an inspiring photo of me with Yogi Bhajan taken around 1980 at the Ahimsa Ashram in Washington, D.C. My beloved son, Akalsahai Singh, is sitting on my lap. It’s kind of funny to reflect on how he is now the President of our new company, BrightStar Live Events, and very skillfully managing my upcoming tours with the GuruGanesha Band.

From the way we’re dressed in our finest whites, it’s clear that we’re at the Sunday Gurdwara service listening to the sacred sounds of Gurbani kirtan. Whenever Yogi-ji was in town, he would come to the Sunday service to pray and chant with the whole community. Yogi-ji looks quite young in the photo; he would have been about 50 at that time.

I’ll never forget the last time I saw Yogi Bhajan. It was two days before he passed away (October 6, 2004). A few of us went to see him, but we couldn’t actually go into his room, because he was so ill. But he lived in a dome, and there was a window where we could see him and he could see us. It was almost like he was in a goldfish bowl. He was in bed with all these tubes coming out of him. His eyes opened and he saw me. Just before we left, I waved to him—waved goodbye. I had a feeling it would be the last time I saw him. He looked at me with smiling eyes and held out his hands as if he were holding an air guitar. With his right hand, he started strumming the guitar. And I felt like it was a very personal message saying, “Hey get back out there and share the music with everybody.”

I’m looking forward to doing just that during our March/April West coast and May/June East coast tours. Till then…Sat Nam, Dear Ones.


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