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Yogi Bhajan
Every person is born into the world with the concept and capability to realize and access the Infinite Energy within them. Some people call that experience “God,” while others quake in fear at the sound of that well-used word. No matter what you call it, the fact remains that the experience of that Infinite Energy is a critical facet of human existence, and to tap that Energy gives us strength, knowledge, and contentment.

Every human has three aspects. You have the lower self, which is the gross or physical self; you have the central self, which is known as the existing self; and you have the higher self, which is a powerful, sophisticated and delicate self. The higher self is the aspect of our existence which separates us from other forms of animal life. The higher self is the experience of the subtle and meditative reality for which we are all born. When you give the mind the regular experience of an Infinite horizon, you are maintaining the higher self and experiencing the level and caliber of a basic human being. When you further develop the facets of the higher self and become a God-conscious individual, it means you have the power of mental infinity. It is a great help and a special treat if you find some teacher who can stand by you and let you go through the experience of the higher self.

You can get knowledge from anybody, and it will always yield a beautiful bounty, but a teacher cannot give you mental infinity. That is your job alone. You have to train yourself to be wise and effective through your own experience of awakening the heart and mind to prayer. A normal, fully-aware human being has a mind that is stable, accurate, and neutral. However, today you will find most people are erratic, commotional, and upset by the smallest thing. Actually, nothing should upset you. You are beautiful. What upsets you is your own mind. It is the ugly mind that makes you think you are ugly. In fact, there is no such thing as an ugly human nature. It doesn’t exist.

When the mind supports the thought pattern that you are ugly, then it can put you under a deep spell of self-delusion and depression. Under that spell, you can do undesirable and destructive actions. Your mind can drag you to the lowest level of your consciousness. We pass our years with such speed and anxiety that we do not know what maintains us, except the blessing of God’s compassion. When there is constant pressure and no relaxation, when there is no outlet, when there is constant boredom or when there is a constant deficit in mental capacity, it results in a shattered mind and the loss of happiness. Then you must get to a psychiatrist, to a counselor, or to some yogi. You have to depend on someone to redirect your energy and help you. I do not believe you should be dependent and be led around by some wise man like a donkey with a string in your nose. You do not need preachers or leachers. What you need is the inner experience of God. But you have been brainwashed to misunderstand this idea.

You think God is a guy who stands on a seventh sky at the head of Time, watching you. I believe that every single person represents God. And if you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. Factually speaking, this universe is an electromagnetic field. It has the longitude and latitude of magnetic wavelengths. This cosmic universe is very communicative and interactive. It talks. It is in this talking that all personalities are built and marred. Therefore always speak very carefully and consciously. Remember the Word is God and God is the Word. You are what your words are and you live by the definition of your prayers. You are an individual magnetic psyche working in this huge magnetic field. This pranic energy by which we live is nothing more than an electromagnetic field. This whole universe is the coexistence of a working electromagnetic field.

Each individual magnetic field has it’s own frequency, its own rhythm, its own axis and its own orbit. You are in perfect harmony with another person whenever you cross the range of another field and the psyches intertwine. For any progressive contribution you make, you must have the absolute connection with the entire psyche of the electromagnetic computerized system, which we call God. You project at a certain frequency through your little tiny electromagnetic field to the universal psyche. For your prayers to be effective, your frequency must intertwine with the infinite electromagnetic field. If your signals are correct the results shall be perfect. Your signals are called prayers. This is the mechanics of how the creatures send prayers to the Creator.

Guru Gobind Singh says: Savaa laakh se ayk laraanoo tabai Gobind Singh naam kahaaoo. When it is one hundred twenty-five thousand against one, Only then can my name be Gobind Singh! Guru Gobind Singh That only means that one electromagnetic psyche was so perfect and computerized that it can send a signal to the master electromagnetic psyche to rearrange the strength and coordinate the fulfillment by that psyche which shall give the victory. Don’t misunderstand that prayer is only that which you say or utter. Prayer is also that, but real prayer means attention. Where you, your soul, your mind pays attention, that is called prayer.

Physically, when we fold our hands, close our eyes and worship, that is only getting our scene together.1Prayer is not talking to God. Communicating with your soul is not necessary. The soul is already there, communicating even without your help. Prayer is tapping energy from your own unknown. And the only channel through which your own unknown can reach you for help is the power of your own prayer. When the known and the unknown are united in the oneness of the self, God is alive.

How do we pray? Just concentrate and project out, beam the signal out so that we will get a clear signal back. It will give us intuition. The problem is, you scatter your mind. This is the general tendency of the mind – it can focus itself or it can scatter itself. Its focus is infinite, its scatter is infinite. The mind has no limit. At one time it can just beam on one wavelength, and at the same time it can work on millions of wavelengths. Prayer is a telephone call through the universal exchange. If the current is strong, though the distance is long, it will be heard at the other end. Help will come. If the current is weak, it will not be heard. There is nothing wrong with the brain; the prayer is not being heard because the mind’s energy behind it is not strong enough. That’s all. So some people’s prayers are heard and others’ are not because their minds are scattered.

A one-pointed mind is required to live happily on this earth. There is nothing which you cannot accomplish if you have a one-pointed mind! Furthermore, there is a great secret which even today man does not know; mental energy can create its own nucleus psyche which no energy can do. Its own nucleus. Its own self. It is true that we are a magnetic field and the energy runs us, that’s agreed. But suppose you take a man and put him in a wooden box, which is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, and cover it with a lead sheet. Then his waves, his mental waves should not go out at all. The mind should be suspended in that box, its wavelengths are contained. But no! The mind can create another mind outside from where it will project. You cannot get disconnected from the universal mind at all. There’s no way, and that is the supreme bliss. That is where it is a blessing and it is a curse also. The blessing is that you can never be trapped. The curse is that you remain scattered all the time and that is the tragedy.

You can develop the meditative mind very immediately. When you control your mind, a lot of thoughts come to you, negative thoughts. Now, negative is like this: if you cut it in the center, it becomes a plus sign. So we pick up one mantra which is a positive sound-thought. Some psychologists have said if you only chant, “one, one, one” that will work. That will work for his purposes, but it won’t work for great purposes. You have to have a mantra which idealizes your “isht.” Isht means something you have a great reverence for. Mantra is something which, according to vibratory thought levels, must be in a position to tune into the subconscious. Everything cannot be a mantra, and not everybody can manufacture a mantra. But if the word can be tuned-in at the thought level basis into the subconscious, and it is the right word of reverence for that person, that is the best mantra for the person. When that mantra is repeated and those negative thoughts hit you, the minus becomes a plus. Therefore the power of prayer has to be continuous.

Those who see whatever is around them as God are always tapped into their known and unknown. One who sees that realm of consciousness, feels it, and experiences it is called a living prayer. God is so great that whosoever touches that greatness must appreciate it. And the appreciation of God is prayer. Prayer goes where it will. And when the heart gets into the prayer, every beat of the heart creates a miracle. Man’s power is in his prayer. And where prayer goes, God follows. That is one area where Almighty God follows man. That is the power of prayer.2

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