Yogi Bhajan’s Herbal Remedies:

Herbs are nature’s medicine.  No petri dishes required.  The earth provides everything that we need to live vibrant, healthy lives, but without a studied knowledge of how herbal remedies work and how they work together, we are flying blind!  There are many schools of Herbalism….Western, Native American, Chinese and Ayurvedic to name a few.  Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini yoga, was an accomplished master of Ayurveda.  He had an intuitive understanding of how to use herbs to support our body’s health and vitality.  He created the recipes for Herb Technology, a line of yogic herbs with a wide range of herbal remedies for different health and wellness challenges.

Here are Herb Technology’s formulas for Weight Loss, Immune System, and Energy!

Herbs for Weight Loss:

Let’s take Weight Loss as an example.  Many of us struggle with being content with our weights and bodies.  Losing weight can be challenging to do without supporting your body with the right nutrients and minerals that create an internal environment conducive to weight loss.  Try the “Young Life — Great Royal Diet” meal-replacement drink.

This powder, called Youngblood for its ability to keep your blood young, naturally suppressses the appetite and balances the digestive system. This optimal blend of fruit, nuts, seeds and herbs in a powder format strengthens the metabolic action of the digestive and elimination systems, which helps the body to lose excess weight. There are over 25 different herbs used in this Ayurvedic formula. Some like Haritaki, Bibhitaki, and Amlaki have a long history of success in the Auyervedic healing system. Together these three are know as Triphala and their action is to bring youth and vitality to the body by purifying, Detoxing, and balancing the eliminative functions.

Royal Slender is an herbal formula that supports weight loss in a different way.  It helps to purify the system using Rhubarb, Dandelion, Hawthorn, Guggul, Cayenne, White Willow Bark, Jalapeno along with Green Tea.  A clean liver can handle toxins in a much more efficient way and not store them all in extra fat cells!

Herbs for the Immune System:

Astralagus, Cat’s Claw, Cubeb berry, Echinacea, Garlic, Ginseng, Goldenseal, and Jalapeno are all wonderful herbs to support a powerful immune system.  Yogi Bhajan put them all together in the remedy Immune Gold, which is a tonic to keep the immune system functioning well all year round.  This remedy is also very helpful for boosting the metabolism, and is a great supplement to a weight loss program.

What about if you’re already sick with a winter cold?  The Cold Comfort remedy, featuring Rose Hips and Garlic as its stars,  is the perfect short-term immune boost.  It’s combination of herbs is ideal for the winter months, and it is said that if you experience muscle soreness during cold weather, this herbal remedy can help!

There are times in my life when I have gotten terrible “Traveler’s Stomach” and sorely wish that I’d have the “Digest Rite” herbs with me.  It can be used for bloating and the occasional indigestion, too.  Parsley and Turmeric are your stomach’s friend!

Herbs for Energy:

Need a general tonic to fight fatigue or drowsiness by helping to restore mental alertness?  Look at Energy Treasures, a formula including Cinnamon Bark, Prickly Ash Bark, Black Cohosh root, Saw palmetto Berry, Guarana Seed, Ginger root, Cardamom seed, Black pepper, Clove Bud, and Jalapeno pepper.  Waheguru!  Best taken in the morning, Energy Treasures has herbs that support your physical wellness and vitality.

What if your fatigue is a long term problem?  What if its not related to the endochrine system needing a little boost, but is due to blood toxicity, a sluggish liver, and an unhappy digestive system?  Try Yogi Bhajan’s Ultimate Energy and feel yourself on the mend!

Has aging taken some spring out of your step?  The ayurvedic herbs in Royal Vitality have been used to keep the body young for thousands of years in India.  Triphala and Amla bring strength and vitality back to you!

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