Editor’s Note: Feeling stress?  Understand more about yourself and your reaction to stress in this powerful teaching from Yogi Bhajan, quoted from “The Mind”.

“In this game mastery is the goal and your main enemy is stress.  When you are under stress you being to lose your mind slowly, to a very polite degree.  Your mind starts to wander on its own.  It looks elsewhere for shelter and hope. It looks into your subconscious and pulls out of it every memory and every fragment of intentions and actions left incomplete in your life.  You begin to live in the past.  You do not act in the present but according to overlays from your past.  When you cannot sense the present and you cannot connect to the future, life becomes very difficult.  It is exactly that day that you are confused, and you lose mastery over your mind.  You suddenly feel that you cannot meditate, do sadhana, or anything else to clear your mind.  You start to feel bad and you want to defeat yourself, so you pick up every habit that makes you not prepare yourself for confidence and success…Do you understand how this stress patern works to lock you into the mind’s intrigues? It turns the three minds against you.”  ~Yogi Bhajan, The Mind

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