Linking to the breath is one of the greatest yoga benefits for travelers.

I often find myself in lines and queuing up for lines has become my way of life. Patience is a virtue one must cultivate to endure the long lines at public places in the modern world. Lines are signs of civilized and sophisticated social public order.  A place where one waits patiently and with a good 3 foot bubble of personal space. This is of course compared to third world or less developed countries where lines are minimally delineated and people wait inches away from each other and loudly speaking. The sense of personal space and boundaries do not quite exist and may add to one’s added stress of traveling. Breathing deeply has so many physiological and mental effects and great yoga benefits for travelers. When I find myself in tight spaces and I find myself becoming increasingly irritably, I change it.  I put on my headset and listen to music or chant a mantra. Surely any form of uplifting music is far better than one’s mental mind chatter or the loud noises of the surrounding clamor of massive amounts of people.

The conscious looping of a mantra combined with deep breathing can transform the immediate environment. YWhenever your breath becomes shallow, you are irritated, irritable.  When your breath is shallow, you are shallow. When your breath deep, you are deep.  Your power of depression and expression is based on your breathing rate, If you breath shallowly, you will be depressed.  If you breath deeply, you will be very expressive. (from Prana, Pranee, Pranayam page 64). Many people have a lung capacity of about 500-700cc or about 2 to 2 and 3/4 cup of air.  Imagine deepening your breath capacity to 1600-1800cc or 1and 3/4 quarts of air. At that point, your nervous system will be stronger and your ability and capacity to handle whatever life throws your way, limitless.

Hence, the deeper one breathes, the more relaxed one will feel and thereby allowing the madness and mayhem to continue and be utterly unaffected. Just remember to take that deep breath to reset your system and to allow your breath to carry you through the experience. Allow the prana to fill your lungs and your aura and beam the sense of peace from within and that will subtly change your environment. So enjoy that long line and turn that frown upside down. Cultivate your patience. Patience pays.

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