Music Review: Wah’s Aquarian Sadhana

For those that do not know, Wah, the popular kirtan artist was once known as Wahe Guru Kaur while she was in 3HO. She has recorded many amazing albums of Kundalini Yoga mantras from the Sikh tradition. One of my favorites of Wah’s (and one of my favorite sadhana albums) is Aquarian Sadhana.

There are many sadhana albums out there and all of which are very good. It can be really hard to choose the right one in the morning. I find it really helpful to pick one that will match what you need that day which can all depend on your mood. Sometimes you may want something melodic and other times you may want something more traditional. Aquarian Sadhana is the perfect uplifting and melodic collection of the morning mantras which helps to give you with a positive feeling throughout your day.

Wah has a beautiful angelic voice much like Singh Kaur and Aquarian Sadhana is very easy to chant along with. At times you can get so wrapped up in the Naad on this album that you can forget that you are chanting.

As with most sadhana albums, Aquarian Sadhana starts off with Wah Yantee. You can do the Morning Call prior to the opening track acapella or you can along with Wah’s Long Ek Ong Kar from Ambrosial Moon.

Wah Yantee is slow and melodic with a touch of keyboard. It is a great start to the album and gives you the encouraging feeling of chanting the prayer of the ages.

Aquarian Sadhana picks up with Mool Mantra which is much faster paced. Sat Siri Siri Akaal continues at this same pace with bright keyboard notes in the background. Rake Rakhanhar is certainly the most catchy track in the set. It is hard to want to stay still throughout and not move a little while sitting.

If I were to have a favorite on this album, it would have to be Wahe Guru Wahe Jio. It sounds very much like a lullaby, but if you go to sleep you will be missing the best part! Within minutes of the chant; the rhythm, pace and instrumentation will transport you to another place. You will feel like you are in total bliss. Twenty-two minutes later when the track ends, you will be wondering why you thought there had to be at least ten minutes left. That is if it was possible for you to think during the chant…

The album wraps up beautifully with the Guru Ram Das Chant. This is a stark contrast from the Wahe Guru Wahe Jio. The Guru Ram Das chant brings you back and if the sun rise had a sound, this would be it. Close your eyes and begin chanting, with the keyboard in the background and Wah’s voice you cannot help but see light beams coming through.

After chanting along with Wah, you will be hearing these wonderful renditions of the morning chants for the rest of the day. It is hard not to find yourself chanting randomly afterwards. When you want a good pick-me-up or an angelic voice to chant along to in the morning, I highly recommend purchasing or downloading Wah’s Aquarian Sadhana.

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