Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry has spent his life and career studying Kabbalah and Naam Yoga.  Through his years of study he has combined the teachings and practices of the two into a comprehensive spiritual system.  The unifying force between these two unique spiritual sciences is sacred music, which allows people to connect with the depths of their souls.  He has a vast catalogue of yoga music from both traditions which can be used for meditation and healing.  The Flow of Naam by Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry is an invitation to spend some time with mantras from the Kundalini yoga tradition.  Each track is 11 minutes long, which is said to be the amount of time it takes for the glandular system to respond to the effects of the mantra. It’s also short enough to be an easy length of time for daily meditation.

Mul Mantra” is underscored by a gentle drumbeat and string track.  Yogi Bhajan described the Mul Mantra as a fate killer.  Chanting it can change one’s destiny, bringing prosperity.  If you are feeling stuck or trapped by your life circumstances, a problem which can strike us all at times, try chanting the Mul Mantra to raise your vibration and help to move you beyond the things which are holding you back.

Har Waheguru Sat Nam Har Haree” has a fun and funky beat, which is perfect since this mantra connects with the active and creative energy of the divine.   The energizing mantra and drum beat are balanced by gentle string accompaniment and Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry’s even tone, which keeps the track grounded.

Guru Gaitri Mantra” is an exercise in deep breathing, with the mantra being recited three times on one breath.  This mantra refers to 8 different aspects of the divine – sustainer, liberator, enlightener, infinite, destroyer, creator, nameless, and desireless – and according to Yogi Bhajan can break through deep subconscious blocks.  He also said that it can balance the hemispheres of the brain and bring patience and compassion to the person who meditates on it.

Sat Nam Wahe Guru” is a powerful track.  It has a driving drum beat which is constantly urging you forward, and helping you to keep up with the fast pace of the recitation.  This is another mantra which can help to balance the brain and strengthen the nervous system.  It reminds us of our true nature and the divine bliss which we are all connected to.

“Love, Peace, and Light” offers the chance to chant in English.  First by offering blessings of love and peace to all, and then by chanting “I Am, I Am.”  This English mantra given by Yogi Bhajan helps to connect the personal and impersonal, the finite and the Infinite aspects of our true selves.

If you have been thinking about starting a meditation or chanting practice, but aren’t sure how to begin, The Flow of Naam by Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry is a great album to have in your collection.  The mantras are clearly recited, and the instrumental arrangements are simple and well balanced.  The Flow of Naam will make it easy to pick your favorite mantra and start a 40 day practice!  To learn more about Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry and his extensive catalogue, go to .

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