Sat Kartar- Call for the Beloved

I have been a big fan of Sat Kartar’s music since I first heard her album Flow during a yoga class a few years ago. There is such a depth, devotion and clarity to her voice. Needless to say I was very excited to see that she has a new album out and Call for the Beloved certainly does not disappoint!

Call for the Beloved really shows off Sat Kartar’s Bhakti side with each mantra and shabad aiding the listener in quest for divine love. Sat Kartar doesn’t just chant a mantra, but embodies the feeling of the mantra’s meaning on Call for the Beloved.

There are many out there seeking a partner in this life, but you cannot attract the right person for you unless your relationship with the Divine Source is in order. Once you are whole and not looking for another to fill your insecurities, then you may be ready. Seeking love on the worldly plane will only get you hurt or in trouble. People make mistakes and God cannot fail you. Marriage is not about companionship or sex, but as Yogi Bhajan put it, “Marriage is the carriage that takes you to God.” There is a purpose you are serving that is something more than just “me” and “the other person”.

Call for the Beloved starts off with Hari Har/ People of Love which is a funky version of the prosperity mantra with hints of trumpet. The song is infused with Yogi Bhajan’s poem, People of Love. Hari Har/ People of Love overall is very uplifting and gives the listener a sense that everything will be just fine.

Amrit Nam has a relaxing beat that has some Jazz flavor to it. This song is a verse reminding us to continually meditate on the Nam and practice selfless service. These activities are that which bring us to our highest purpose. When living out our highest purpose we connect with God and can attract like beings.

Cold Depression Blues (Wahe Guru Jio) is a version of Wahe Guru Wahe Jio that is very catchy and will stick in your head for the rest of the day. Ever been in such a bad mood while someone is trying to cheer you up and after many of their attempts you can feel that you are breaking down and can see how foolish you are being? That is what this version does to you. Put it on when you are in a bad mood or feeling shut down and you will not be able to keep yourself from smiling at some point.

Aad Guray Nameh is one of the most popular mantras and it seems like every published artist has their own version and they are all very good. Sat Kartar’s version is sung completely from the heart and gives the listener a sense that despite all that is going on around you, that you will be ok. It is a great version to put on if you are letting go of something, in transition, hurting or going through a tough break up.

Tershula Kriya (Har Har Wahe Guru)- This penetrating mantra is used to accompany the Tershula Kriya aka “Thunderbolt of Shiva” found on page 167 in Sadhana Guidelines. It is a self healing meditation that works with psychological disorders, imbalances and is especially effective in working with mother/ father phobia issues which we bring with us into relationships. Try it!

Crimson is a bluesy version of Guru Ram Das’ poem about the humbling journey of longing for the Divine. It is very deep, heartfelt and you can feel the longing in Sat Kartar’s voice. The listener cannot help but feel the same longing. I personally already own the versions of Crimson by Snatam Kaur and Singh Kaur, but couldn’t pass up on Sat Kartar’s touching rendition.

Mera Man Lochay- If I had to pick a favorite on this album, this would be this one. Buy it and put it on repeat 15-20 times. This is quickly becoming my favorite version of Mera Man Lochay. Sat Kartar sings this version in a way that is very moving and embodies the essence of the shabad. This was a meditation given to a devotee who was separated from their Guru and Mera Man Lochay was given to them to heal the wounds of separation.

So if you are looking for a relationship with the God, a love relationship with someone, or looking to strengthen the relationship you are already in, this is the album for you. I think if you are reading Spirit Voyage blogs, you have to fall into one of those catagories! Call for the Beloved is a must have!


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