Summer Solstice is a prominent occasion for cleansing and also the time when many talented musicians in the Kundalini Yoga music community unveil their new releases. This year we were treated to Nirinjan Kaur’s highly anticipated, Prem Siri. “Prem Siri means, “Great Love.” It is a deeply moving yoga music album as it invokes the emotion of deep longing for the great love of God. Prem Siri is a unique compilation that mixes mantras, Shabads and English lyrics. The English lyrics particularly on “Ad Guray Nameh” and “Mera Baid” add another layer of depth to the meaning behind the mantras.

For those familiar with Nirinjan’s work, know her for her divinely rich vocals and superb Gurbani pronunciation. On Prem Siri, Nirinjan is joined by Ram Dass, Thomas Barquee and Hans Christian to create a serene musical ambiance.

Prem Siri commences with “Bhaj Man Mere” which is a slow and beautiful track mixed with the tranquil Bansuri Flute. The mantra reminds one to “Vibrate the name of God.”

“Sabh Karta” picks up the pace with the flute and percussion. The Shabad was originally written by the Fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan. Along with the Shabad, Nirinjan intertwines sings the saying by Yogi Bhajan, “If you don’t see God in all, then you won’t see God at all.”

Sa Re Sa Sa” can by used as an 11 minute meditation to help one connect with the past, present and future. The mantra is joined by the Bansuri Flute and percussion.

Ad Guray Nameh” is a slower version of the mantra joined by the string guitar, tablas and viola tugging at your heartstrings. The mantra opens one to guidance and protection. Along with the mantra, Nirinjan sings the English translation and alluring original lyrics, “Protect me, open my heart and I’ll be free.”

Mera Baid” is a deeply devotional Shabad by Guru Arjan for healing. The Shabad weaves into the mantra, “Ra Ma Da Sa” and English lyrics that plead, “You who create my destiny, the creator of all. My support. Healing me.” This rendition is accompanied by the clarinet and string guitar.

The Ether Tattva- Wahe Guru” was the mantra from the 2012 Solstice Sadhana meditation. It is accompanied by the string guitar and tablas. The mantra is a divine version that takes one into the etheric realm.

The album concludes with “Poota Mata Ki Asees” which is the Mother’s Prayer to her child. It is the highest prayer a mother can give and this beautiful version is joined by the Bansuri Flute, guitar, tablas.

Prem Siri is some of Nirinjan Kaur’s best work and a yoga music album you will be sure to love. It is a sublime and deeply moving album. Prem Siri is great to play during slower yoga sets, meditation or simply when you are wanting to connect deeper with the divine. Check it out today on Spirit Voyage!


Prem Siri by Nirinjan Kaur

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