Recently, I signed on to Spirit Voyage’s current Global Sadhana: “Transforming Negativity to Love,” and was excited to learn that Nirinjan Kaur’s Bhaj Man Mere” from her new CD Prem Siri would accompany the meditation. For me, the entire CD, produced by Ram Dass Khalsa and Hari Singh Khalsa, is a meditation; listening to Nirinjan always takes me to another place, far from the worries and concerns of everyday life. It’s like stepping into peace and grace.

I love the opening song, “Bhaj Man Mere,” which I’ve been listening to every morning as I do my meditation. The words mean, “Oh my mind, meditate on God’s Name. God’s Name is Sat Nam (Truth).” To hear these gentle words repeated again and again is so calming and soothing. On this track Nirinjan’s voice is paired with gorgeous Bansuri flute.

The second piece is the shabd “Sabh Karta” (Sabh means “all” and Karta means “the doer or creator.” The last line means “by the grace of the guru, Nanak looks upon all the same, upon everything the same; everything is created by God.”) Once again, the flute and percussion complement Nirinjan’s vocals. This rhythmic track concludes with the powerful words from Yogi Bhajan, “If you don’t see God in all you won’t see God at all.”

Sa Re Sa Sa” is next, a lovely mantra that means that the creativity of God is here and everywhere. This mantra helps you conquer the wisdom of the past, present, and future, bringing peace and prosperity and removing negativity. As you listen to the energy and light spinning magically between Nirinjan, the Bansuri flute and guitar you’ll be drawn into the circle of infinite love. The track is simply magical and flows for eleven minutes with the continuous grace of a gentle waterfall.

Next comes “Aad Guray,” a mantra for protection and guidance. This calming, meditative version nevertheless possesses a confidence and strength. Nirinjan’s voice is backed by soothing string guitar, tablas and viola and again she interweaves English lyrics, “From the One came the beginning, this is the age of the true guru. Sound of truth, I bow to you, guide of my soul from the beginning. Protect me, open my heart and I’ll be free…”

Mera Baid” is like a poem–a lyrical, beautiful shabd from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib written by Guru Arjan Dev. The words translate: “My healer is the guru and the Lord of the Universe.” The piece is about trust in God, and surrendering. The repetition is mesmerizing, and as always, Nirinjan’s voice partners with her accompanying instruments (clarinet and guitar) in a natural, graceful dance. The healing prayer “Ra Ma Da Sa” is lovingly interwoven.

The next track is the “Ether Tattva Waheguru Mantra,” which was the mantra for the 3HO Summer Solstice. I can still hear Nirinjan’s voice on this echoing through the New Mexico Mountains. The words ether and ethereal summon up her otherworldly approach to the mantra.

Prem Siri (which means “great love”) closes with “Poota Mata Ki Asees” (Mother’s Prayer). This song would move anyone to tears; but with Nirinjan’s strong and hopeful voice the piece is imbued with an underlying sense that everything will be all right, that the prayer of a mother can do, can be, anything and everything, and will always, always be answered.

This remarkable album is the work of a young, wise, and confident artist– a rich CD that you’ll want to play over and over again. Better yet, come to Sat Nam Fest East in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania September 13-16 and hear Nirinjan’s voice soaring across the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Prem Siri by Nirinjan Kaur

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