Sat Nam Fest artist Harnam Singh is much loved in the yoga community for his beautiful devotional song writing. His first album, Love Infinite Divine, won many hearts with its fun melodies and uplifting lyrics. His new album, A Fearless Heart, is more mellow but just as uplifting. Produced by Ram Dass Khalsa, with vocals from Lakshmi Light and pedal steel guitar by Siri Kartar Singh, it is a gorgeous album full of heart and soul. Listening to A Fearless Heart, it’s easy to see why Harnam is so beloved, and why he will be performing at Sat Nam Fest again in 2012!

The opening track of A Fearless Heart is “Love, Serve, Remember,” and it sets the tone for the whole listening experience. This track distills the teachings of Yogananda into a simple and beautiful message about the meaning of our lives. The amazing pedal steel guitar playing by Siri Kartar Singh makes this track very emotional and very special.

Harnam also shares several Kundalini yoga favorites on A Fearless Heart. Part of what makes “Ong Namo” so lovely are the shared voices of producer Ram Dass and his wife Lakshmi Light. You will really feel like you are chanting with a whole group of yogis when you sing along. “Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful” is a combination of several English mantras which are so uplifting and sweet together. Siri Kartar’s pedal steel also shines on “Guru Ram Das,” taking all of the devotion and emotion of the chanting and giving it a vibrant, alive quality that is out of this world!  It’s an ideal meditation track for this mantra.

My favorite song on A Fearless Heart is “Shine.” English devotional songs are difficult sometimes, carrying the baggage that native speakers sometimes feel towards their own language. The elegant simplicity of “Shine” bypasses that, cutting right to the heart of the matter. We are the Light of God, and Now is the time to shine. No matter the situation, no matter the obstacles on our path, all we have to do is remember who we are, and everything else will fall into place. “Shine” will help you get in touch with your own fearless heart, and share it with the world around you!

Eck Ong Kar Sat Guru Prasad” is an extended track, and great for an 11 minute meditation. Instrumentally it’s gorgeous, with a sweet and gentle piano line played by Ram Dass. It feels as though Harnam is singing this mantra as a lullaby to the heart, soothing any bumps or bruises life may have given you. This is a powerful mantra, and Yogi Bhajan taught that one shouldn’t think or say anything negative after reciting it. After listening to each of the previous songs, you’ll be so grounded in a place of love and peace it would be difficult to find anything to feel negative about.

A Fearless Heart is a very meditative album for Kundalini yoga, and also a wonderful album to listen to during a hatha yoga practice. The overall soothing feel of the album makes it great for a gentle or mid-tempo vinyasa practice, restorative yoga, or a yin yoga practice. At 48 minutes, it’s perfect for those days when you want to practice but need a little boost. “Love, Serve, Remember” will inspire you to get started and is great to listen to while centering yourself before you get moving. “Shine” is perfect for those intense poses, or when you need a little extra energy to make it to the end. The chorusing line “Shine/Now is the time” reminds you to practice from your heart, and shine from that space. To end your practice, Harnam’s gorgeous version of “Long Time Sun” may cause you to drift into a peaceful yoga nap during savasana.

Bottom line: A Fearless Heart rocks! It is my new go-to album for yoga practice, and I’m not sure how I ever practiced without it. Be aware that once you start listening to it, you won’t be able to stop. Each track will sink into your mind, and you’ll be hitting repeat over and over again. Harnam is truly creating music from a place of Spirit, and it comes through loud and clear on A Fearless Heart. Give yourself the gift of fearlessness – check out Harnam Singh and A Fearless Heart on

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