300 x 300If I’ve ever needed a hot bath and some yoga music in the background, tonight was the night.  In the past week I’ve had to say goodbye to my students, many who I’ve taught for two years.  It’s been a rough few days for me, and I’ll admit that I shed a few tears when no one was looking.  I’ve received a few parting gifts, and wished I could give something in return.  It occurred to me that while I may not have any physical gifts for the people who have been such a big part of my life, I could give them something else – prayer.  I can look within, and offer them blessings of peace and love straight from the heart.  Saying goodbyes can be tough, but the prayers and blessings found in the world of yoga music are a balm to the heart.  Here are a few of my favorite tracks for sending love to the people in my life.

Long Time Sun – This beautiful English blessing is the perfect way to close one chapter of a relationship and move forward.  It offers not only love, but also that the other person be in touch with, and always guided by, the light within.  Imagine wishing such beauty on ex-friends or lovers as you part ways with them.  That sweetness would almost certainly wash away any negative feelings and leave the world in a better place!  There are so many beautiful versions it’s hard to choose one, but I’m always moved by Girish’s smooth version on Diamonds in the Sun.

Triple Mantra – In February one of my students went to New York for one month.  It was his first time in the U.S. and the fulfillment of a long time dream.  I was so worried about what kind of experience he would have I was almost beside myself.  So I chanted the triple mantra for him, wishing him a wonderful and safe experience.  The triple mantra is a wonderful way to offer protection and safety to people in your life.  Nirinjan Kaur’s beautiful version on Adhara really sets the perfect tone for this mantra.

Ardas Bhaee – Sometimes you just don’t know what to say.  Maybe the situation is too difficult, or the emotions you’re feeling are too strong.  You know you want to say something but the words just won’t come.  In that case, the Ardas Bhaee mantra can help.  Use it as a channel to offer up everything in your heart, and know that the universe will take care of everything in just the right way.  Because when we are at a loss for words, often we just want to know that somehow it will all work out.  Mirabai Ceiba have a luscious version that can’t be missed!

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu – this is a universal prayer for all beings to be happy and at ease. There are many wonderful recordings of it, but I especially love Donna De Lory’s version. It’s a strong reminder that we each play a strong role in the happiness of others. So while you are wishing peace and happiness to someone you know, perhaps take a moment to think of something you could do to help bring that happiness into being.

Tumare Darshan – This is a really uplifting song of reunion and joy, sung by Deva Premal.  Goodbyes are tough, and there is often the hope of a future meeting.  Tumare Darshan reminds me of that hope, and helps me to offer joy and excitement for the future.   No need to part on a sad note when there’s so much life to live and bliss to experience!

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