Meditative Moon
by Spirit Voyage Artists

A Review by Michael R. Mollura
Meditative Moon
Meditative Moon is a compilation of some of the finest kirtan chanters living with us at this time. The album was put together under the consultation of yoga teachers, healers and musicians with the intention of producing what could be the ultimate taste of bhakti devotional music.

Starting with Mirabai Ceiba’s exquisite Kundalini “Guru Ram Das,” and Snatam Kaur’s “Ek Ong Kar,” the journey lays down the blanket and closes our eyes while opening our hearts to all that is possible. Dave Stringer & Donna Delory’s ‘Gunghata’ keeps the music flowing through our hearts and the energy soars with soft, peaceful and unconditional energy that is more than just healing.

I applaud Spirit Voyage for this collection, not only because of the artists they chose, but because the energy feels so complete and consistent. They didn’t just choose any chants, the label selected compositions that blend into one another seamlessly. Also included on this disc are Thomas Barquee, Amrit Kirtan, GuruGanesha Singh, Manish Vyas and Sat Kartar.

For yogis familiar with chanting, the overall feel of teh album is undeniably Kundalini driven. The texture is delicate, clean, acoustic and soothing. I highly recommend this collection of chants to everyone who enjoys classic chanting music that is so melodic it feels like you’re sailing right into the sun itself.

Michael Mollura is a writer, sacred music musician, event producer and keeper of the bhakti flame.

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