I first took a Kundalini yoga class with Akasha at Sat Nam Fest West last year. As a Kundalini yogini with a background in hatha yoga, his class fed both aspects of my yoga life. Akasha has a personal practice born in Kundalini yoga and enhanced by his extensive study and practice of Ashtanga yoga. When I took his class at Sat Nam Fest, I knew I wanted to experience more of his teaching style, but didn’t really want to relocate to Birmingham, AL to attend his studio. Fortunately, Spirit Voyage has  two yoga DVDs that give me the experience of studying with Akasha in the comfort of my own home.

Kundalini Yoga for Memory and Magnetism was filmed at the 2011 Sat Nam Fest. It is a 1 hour class that works on activating the pituitary gland, releasing emotional blocks, and expanding the electromagnetic field. If you’ve never taken a class with Akasha before, it is a wonderful introduction both to Kundalini Yoga and to his teaching style. He first guides you through a warm up to awaken your spine and connect you to the flow of your breath. Then he leads a set that will help to strengthen your memory and your projection. He takes care to speak to newcomers, who may not be familiar with Kundalini yoga, and encourage them to keep up in a class that may be completely new and different from the yoga they are accustomed to. While there are certainly elements of the kriya that can be somewhat challenging, such as the modified pigeon pose or the sustained leg raise, this class is very appropriate for beginners.

Kundalini Yoga for Memory and Magnetism

Personally, the highlight of Kundalini Yoga for Memory and Magnetism is the final kriya – Lion’s Class for Radiance. This short yet intense practice is designed to expand your electromagnetic field and magnetize you to all of the blessings that the universe has to offer. Akasha truly shines as a compassionate, caring teacher who knows just the right things to say to help you keep up from start to finish.

The second DVD is Kundalini Yoga for the Heart Center. In this DVD, Akasha teaches a set that will open your heart and help draw prosperity and opportunity to you through your heart center. This is a wonderful, meditative set that is great for morning sadhana. Akasha has a soothing voice and a gentle teaching style that encourages you to give your all so that you can open your heart to the abundance of life. Joined by Jai-Jagdeesh, Sat Kartar Singh on guitar, and Sukhmani Kaur on tablas, the accompanying music and meditations will make your spirit soar.  After finishing this DVD, my heart always feels warm and energized, and ready to face my day.

Kundalini Yoga for the Heart Center

I am always happy to find DVDs that I can share with those who may not have tried Kundalini yoga before. Both Kundalini Yoga for Memory and Magnetism and Kundalini Yoga for the Heart Center fit the bill. And with the heart opening sounds of Jai-Jagdeesh to accompany each class, you will come away feeling strong, open, and uplifted. You can practice these DVDs individually, or back-to-back if you have a longer block of time. Memory and Magnetism will enhance your ability to attract the opportunity and prosperity brought by the set in Kundalini Yoga for the Heart Center. You can purchase both DVDs on www.spiritvoyage.com. And be sure to check out Akasha’s class at Sat Nam Fest West where he’ll be accompanied by AYKANNA. It’s sure to be an energizing experience!

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