Recently Spirit Voyage released a wonderful new yoga DVD called Kundalini Yoga for Circulation and Detoxification. Recorded live at Sat Nam Fest in 2011, this DVD captures an excellent Kundalini yoga class with Gurmukh taught to hundreds of yogis. With live musical accompaniment from Snatam Kaur, this fun yoga class will support your lymph system, strengthen your abdominal muscles, and assist in detoxification. The class consists of a great mix of powerful and soothing asanas that will get the energy flowing in your body quickly and noticeably.

If you’ve never taken a class with Gurmukh before, Kundalini Yoga for Circulation and Detoxification is a great introduction. Gurmukh has an incredible ability to say just what needs to be said to keep you moving when your mind wants to give up. She’s like a close friend, whose advice you always take even when it seems difficult because you know they give it in love. One wonderful moment in this DVD comes when she is giving the instructions for the Seated Kicks, and playfully promises to yell at everyone if they don’t do it correctly. The entire crowd laughs because, while she may be firm, Gurmukh is definitely no drill sergeant!

Kundalini yoga is traditionally practiced with the eyes closed, so it’s easy to miss out on the wonderful visual aspects of this DVD. Throughout each asana, the camera pans around the yoga hall. You’ll see faces young and old, serene and intense, male and female. Each of them may be practicing at a slightly different speed, or taking a break at a different time, but all of them are keeping up in their own way. It’s powerfully motivating during some of the more challenging asanas to feel that connection between the yogis on the screen and yourself. Another nice touch is the information provided about the purpose and effects of each asana as it begins.

It’s impossible to talk about Kundalini Yoga for Circulation and Detoxification, and not mention the music provided by Snatam Kaur, Thomas Barquee, and Ramesh Kannan. One of the most beautiful aspects of Kundalini yoga is the integral role that mantra and music play in the practice of kriyas and meditations. That is never more evident than listening to the music of Snatam Kaur while practicing along with this yoga DVD. It feels equally like a concert that has yoga included, as well as a yoga class with live musical accompaniment. The grace and sweetness of Snatam’s voice will carry you through each component of the class, and take you deeper into yourself than if you were practicing on your own.

If you enjoy Kundalini Yoga: Healthy Body Fearless Spirit, you’ll also love the new Kundalini Yoga for Circulation and Detoxification. Gurmukh and Snatam are such a powerful team, and the experience you have while practicing along with this DVD will uplift you instantly. This is a great DVD to practice regularly, whether once a week or daily for sadhana. Try it and see the transformation!

Kundalini Yoga for Circulation and Detoxification with Gurmukh and Snatam Kaur

Kundalini Yoga: Healthy Body Fearless Spirit with Gurmukh and Snatam Kaur

The Grace Within You: Live From Sat Nam Fest 2011

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