healthy juiceIn the ancient yogic tradition, you can find texts of yogis performing kriyas and fasting to attain a level of subtle energy and clarity to enter deeper into meditation and connect with Source more deeply.

A powerful way we can recreate such an experience for ourselves in modern times is through a Green Juice or Green Smoothie Cleanse.

There is a Modern Day Cleansing Practice that Works…

Whether you are about to go on the red carpet to receive an award or you just need the energy to make it through the day of car pools and first day at school right now, this article will help you reach your goals. The tips I share here are also practiced by many celebrities and elite athletes world wide. For centuries these practices were exclusive to the elite and royal families, and now they are available to the world via this miraculous machine of interconnectedness – the internet.

Health Benefits of Cleansing…

The health benefits of cleansing are so profound, in the form of skin glowing, hair becoming more lusterous and energy improvements. If you need to lose weight, that can also occur. Usually whatever you need to balance out in your body will occur. Some people lose weight, while others simply maintain. It all depends on what is needed for your body. When you get the proper nutrition, the systems operate fully and that contributes to better over all functionality.

The internal systems become cleansed and your digestive system gets a much needed break. As a result of this, you also clean out the colon and intestines, which is the storehouse for much bacteria (good and bad) which may be blocking your immune system or causing ill effects.

Emotional Cleansing

The part of Green Juice Cleansing and Green Smoothie cleansing that I am most excited about, however, is the emotional cleansing that occurs. It’s not something that people talk about as much, as that may begin to sound more far fetched or esoteric to some new comers to the cleansing and spiritual path, but this perhaps can be the most profound.

Whenever I recognize that my plate is getting too full, I have a photo or video shoot coming up, or my creativity is flowing less fluidly then usual, I typically embark upon a Green Juice Cleanse. It is a powerful way to tap into the subtle layers of life without having to depart from your regular schedule or daily routine too much.

The only major change that is visible to the outside world is in what you consume.

In this case, I am only consuming green juices, herbs, minerals, probiotics and tons of water. Sometimes if I am feeling the need for more energy, I’ll include Green Smoothies as well. They are thicker and more substantial, with chia, maca, raw proteins and other superfoods. These smoothies provide the energy I need to complete my long days work.

For the most part, I don’t work out too vigorously during a cleanse.

It’s best to preserve your energy and allow your internal system to do what it does best.

I always do some yoga each day though. Even just a few minutes a day can really help to get your energy circulating and will aid in the cleansing process. I suggest you try my detox yoga sequence I posted on here last time. And here is a nice video you can try from home as well:

Qi Yoga Flow Video with Dashama

Breathing deeply is very important and t is good to sweat regularly. If you have access to a sauna or steam room, that is ideal. Another important aspect to the cleansing process is being connected to nature and taking time each day to meditate in silence or with relaxing music. You can try this video if you are seeking a nice calming meditation: Meditation Music Video with Dashama

If you live in South Florida like I do, you can also just go outside during the day 😉 It’s hot enough to break a sweat just walking around in the summer.

A Few Cautions…

I do have a few things I like to suggest, for newbies beginning on this path.

7 Keys to a Successful Experience with Cleansing

  1. Start slow… you can try it for a day or even 3 days to begin with. That will be more manageable and your success rate will be greater
  2. Don’t be hard on yourself if you give in and / or quit early
  3. This is just as much a mental and emotional experience as it is physical. Many things may come up for you, so be prepared to approach it with compassion for yourself and others and you witness and observe your own responses and behavior.
  4. Organic only please – its not even worth it to do a juice cleanse if you don’t have access to organic produce. Period.
  5. Drink tons of water. This is one of the keys to flushing your system.
  6. Be prepared to magnetize miracles. Even the most subtle breakthroughs should be celebrated.
  7. Stay true to yourself. If you need to stop early, its more then ok. You are the master architect of your destiny. Honor yourself here.

Blessings to your great success and happiness.

Love and Light,



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