The world’s largest yoga class was held in Mexico City on Sunday, November 13, 2011. The free event was held in Plaza de la Constitucion (Zocalo Square), and led by renowned teacher Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry. Gurunam led a crowd of more than 12,000 people in a Naam Yoga Masterclass, and the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. This Naam Yoga Masterclass breaks the previous record of 10,000 people practicing yoga together in Central Park in 2010.  The class was sponsored by Rootlight, a company founded by Gurunam to help spread the teachings of Naam Yoga worldwide.

Gurunam teaches Naam Yoga based on his years of study in both Kabbalah and Kundalini yoga. Both spiritual systems rely on the the power of sacred sound, the Naad in Kundalini yoga and the Word in Kabbalah. Naam Yoga brings this emphasis on sacred sound together with the yogic understanding of the body and glandular system, and Kabbalah’s understanding of Universal laws. In combination, it is a system which can create greater health and well-being, as well as a deeper connection to the Universe.

The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light is used to create a space of peace in those who recite it. As each person’s vibration is raised, they can spread that peace throughout the world, and create transformation in turbulent times. With over 12,000 people joined together on Sunday, it’s certain that they created an amazing wave of peace and love that is spreading around the planet!

Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry has an extensive catalog of books, cds, and dvds to hep you learn about and connect with Naam Yoga.  A few of his offerings are:

Radiant Health with Naam Yoga

The Flow of Naam

Invocation of Divine Light

Lifting the Veil - Practicing Kabbalah with Kundalini Yoga

The Alchemy of Love Relationships

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