That’s right…we want YOU for the Sat Nam Fest work exchange crew.Hugs!

Why?  Well, there’s about as many reasons to come be a part of the team as there are mantras, but it all boils down to this…because on our work exchange team you get to enjoy Sat Nam Fest at a reduced rate while becoming a member of the family.  It’s, in a word, SUPER AMAZING.  Ok, two words.

We need a bunch of people to create the magic of Sat Nam Fest.  Dare we say…a village?  Because its true.  To raise and create and decorate and staff and monitor a tent city in the desert filled with yoga, beautiful music, conscious vendors, delicious food, dynamic art classes, children’s programs, spiritual temples, and more…well, it’s work.   But its the most rewarding work experience we know, because in addition to being a part of the creation of this festival and helping support the life-changing, transformational experience of a thousand bright souls…YOU get to experience this life-changing transformation too.  We do our best to create work schedules that allow you to experience that which is most important to you, and being in service to a conscious community is its own form of extraordinary experience which you can’t get any other way.

Do you agree with any of these statements?  If so, apply for work exchange and let us know about your amazing abilities in your application:
– Do you love the southern California desert and want to savor the landscape as much as you can? Loving doing physical work outside? Join our grounds team and savor the beauty of Joshua Tree.”
– Do you have experience working with professional video equipment? Join our media team!
– Are you a super friendly person who is a problem solver and loves to help people? You would be valuable on many teams – but especially registration!
– Are you super savvy in navigating Google sheets and Excel? Join our registration team!
– Do you have experience in retail and love sales? Join our Spirit Voyage Store team!
– Do you have experience working on a stage crew or as a stage manager? If so, let us know in your application!

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 2.21.00 PMAPPLY HERE

There’s a bunch of teams we need people to serve with, and we have no doubt that one will speak to YOU.  Take a look at our seva families below (that is, the amazing teams you’ll be serving with, filled with people you are just waiting to meet!):


The registration team will help to welcome and check in guests when they arrive on site. As part of the registration team, you may be asked to help show guests to their rooms, answer questions and provide information about the event. A friendly and welcoming demeanor is very important! Familiarity with computers and ability to use excel, google docs, etc. is recommended. Be prepared to serve each day of the festival on an AM or PM shift, working a few extra hours at the start of the festival when registration is busiest.  Have a great smile?  Love people?  Good at saying hello and creating a sacred space? This could be YOU!


Set Up/Break Down

Come early to the festival and stay late. Labor intensive job – help decorate, set up yoga space, put up signs, set up Spirit Voyage store, etc. Carpentry and sewing experience appreciated! Hard work but lots of excitement and anticipation!  Be ready to WORK, but this is one of the strongest family-like teams we have!  Love to decorate or love to get a serious workout? This could be YOU!



The grounds / admin team will help with daily operations throughout Sat Nam Fest. You may be asked to help in the main yoga hall, assist teachers and musicians, and/or run errands. Whatever comes up, you’ll help with. This is an integral role in helping our festival run as smoothly as possible. A flexible and helpful demeanor a must! Event management experience a plus, but not required!  Super helpful?  Ready to rumble?  This could be YOU!


Spirit Voyage Boutique

Love Spirit Voyage music and products? Help in the Spirit Voyage booth to set up the store and help customers pick out new CDs, books, clothing etc. Previous retail or sales experience requested!  Are you great at folding?  Have a good eye for clothing, and a really good knowledge of the world of Kundalini yoga music?  Just love Spirit Voyage and want to get to know our team? This might be YOU!DSC_4796



The Media team captures the spirit of Sat Nam Fest by providing quality images, videos, and content to Spirit Voyage for its use in promotional/marketing efforts, products, etc. In accepting this position, you agree that all photographs and film footage taken during the festival are the property of Spirit Voyage with permission for use at its discretion in perpetuity. Professional photography or videography experience required. Photographers should be prepared to send a link to your portfolio online to be considered for the team.   Great at social media or just plain awesome at photography? Snappy videographer? Yup…YOU.



The Security Team is responsible for the physical safety and well-being of festival participants and the camp. The primary duty of the Security Team is to staff the entrances to the event spaces to check that all participants have registered and are wearing wrist bands. Security Team members will also patrol the entire camp–specifically the front gate, bazaar and the housing and camping areas. You will be the first person that participants see as they arrive on-site and at our event spaces, so the priority is to be friendly and welcoming while also giving direction and ensuring that all participants are registered attendees. An awesome team – check out this story about the joys of serving on this team at last year’s festival:  Maybe this is YOU!

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 2.22.08 PM


Sound Crew

The Sound Crew is a dynamic team of hard working people who help create the beautiful, quality sound Sat Nam Fest is known for. This is a position which requires previous experience working with sound. Responsibilities include assisting with set-up and breakdown of stages and sound gear before, and after the festival. They report to the Head Audio Engineer and Stage Manager and assist in jobs assigned to them by the managers and engineers. They ensure smooth set-up and breakdown for artists’ sets, including sound checks, troubleshooting microphones, DIs, cables, amplifiers and other gear on stage during musical acts and keeping track of all equipment from set to set. Requires strong technical knowledge of sound gear, equipment and live audio for events. Professional sound experience a plus!  Have you done this before?  Do you know what all this means?  Yes, YOU.


Kitchen — FULL

Yoga Festival Food BuffetThe Kitchen Crew will help to lovingly prepare the delicious and nourishing food Sat Nam Fest is known for! You may be asked to help chop vegetables, prepare food and juices, wash dishes, serve at the buffet. Whatever comes up in the kitchen, you’ll help with. A flexible, helpful and collaborative demeanor a must! Previous kitchen experience a PLUS! Be prepared for hard work and being on your feet for much of your service.  Love to cook and learn healthy recipes?  Sounds like Kitchen is for YOU!


Green Team

The Green Team will help ensure Sat Nam Fest leaves no trace in the beautiful land of Joshua Tree. This is a new team and we are looking for creative and passionate individuals that can help us make Sat Nam Fest an environmentally sustainable and responsible event. If you would like to apply please email  Passionate about the environment? Really into recycling?  This is YOU!


We can’t wait to meet you, greet you and chant with you!  See you soon!

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 5.34.38 PM

See you in Joshua Tree!

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