contentNothing to do on Valentine’s Day? Not anymore!  Will YOU be our Valentine?

Valentine’s Day should be a day of self-love and acceptance, not boxes of chocolates and sugary hearts.  Join us this Monday for a night of global meditation and vegan recipes!

AT 5:30pm EST on Monday, join us on Livestream for a cup of tea!  It’s the perfect time to ask questions and find out what’s coming up in the Spirit Voyage world!  At 6pm, Ramdesh Kaur will Livestream a global Kirtan Kriya meditation (this time with a Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya spin, special for the holiday of Love!). We’ll also have a vegan cupcake segment with Karan Khalsa, so you can cook to your heart’s content and feed yourself a delicious treat!

Come share the love!  Be our Valentine!

Just Click on the image above to be taken to our Livestream channel!

Watch live streaming video from SpiritVoyage at

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