Ramdesh Kaur found her spiritual home at 3HO. She'll be at Winter Solstice this year teaching.

Why I Love 3HO’s Winter Solstice

I never felt like I fit in.  Even when I was a part of the “in crowd,”  I usually felt like I was squeezing a round peg into a square hole.  Sometimes I could manage it, but I always felt a bit awkward. I remember the moment it happened, when this changed.  I’d been chanting and doing Kundalini yoga meditations at home for over a year and finally decided to go to a Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha retreat.  On the first day, GuruGanesha came up to me at lunch.  “You know,” he said.  “There’s a place for you in this community.”  Everything shifted within me.

I feel like I fit in at 3HO.  Not because I wear white and a turban on my head and use a spiritual name.  I feel like I fit in because I have the freedom and encouragement to live my own True Identity, my Sat Nam.  I can walk around feeling like a Radiant Point of Light, and instead of trying to put that light out,  every one agrees with me.  I can meditate in the open.  People will even join me.  I can sing to God with a heart on fire, and no one cares if I’m out of tune.

Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration is a beautiful event.  Intimate and sweet, it allows you to practice Kundalini yoga and meditation with expert teachers and new and old friends.  You can sing to the rising sun, stroll around a beautiful lake to honor Mother Earth, and bow to the Divine.  You’ll make friends, eat healthy food, and drink delicious yogi tea.  You’ll sing, dance and do yoga. You can push yourself in White Tantra, or do nothing at all but soak up the good vibes.  For me the most wonderful part is feeling like I fit right into my place in this world, my home, my tribe.  If you are reading this, you will, too.

Go because your heart wants you to. Because you’ve always wanted to feel like a part of something wonderful and good. Because sweet smiles on the faces of strangers lift your heart. Because chanting to the dawn with hundreds of people moves you. Because Kundalini yoga changes you. Go because you have been longing for something like this. Just go!

I’ll be teaching this year at Winter Solstice.  I’ll teach my “Living with a Whole Heart” workshop with Harnam Singh, based on my book “Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart” and his CD “A Fearless Heart“.  And I’ll be presenting with Gurunam Singh on Bhand Jamee-ai, a gorgeous prayer that uplifts and elevates women and heals a man’s relationship with women.  You can also catch me at the Spirit Voyage booth in the bazaar.  Come sing with me during sadhana and clap with me during Yogi Tea Cafe (a fun gathering of community musicians in the evening).  Let’s share a cup of tea together.  If you think you don’t know anyone,  you can know me.  3HO’s Winter Solstice motto is “Where me becomes we!”  Let’s be a “we” together. See you there!


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