Baba Sri Chand Chants from Brahm Buta

About Baba Sri Chand

“Sri Chand is the eldest son of Guru Nanak.  He was Baal Yogeswar.  151 years he served the entire humanity and never looked more than 12 years in his appearance…. He was always in his subtle body.  Very few people met him in physical terminology, but everywhere he appeared in his radiant body, in perfect form and shape.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Baba Sri Chand is the protector of innocent seekers and is the holder of all yogic wisdom.

Baba Sri Chand was born in 1494 as the beloved elder son of Guru Nanak and Mata Sulakhani. A devoted Sikh and extraordinary teacher, he selflessly offered his extended life in service to the light of Guru Nanak.  From a young age, Baba Sri Chand received timeless wisdom from Guru Nanak and was initiated by him. Baba Sri Chand was crowned as a yogi by Guru Nanak. He was given the task directly from Guru Nanak to take care of the corrupt yogis who were manipulating and bothering the householders with their occult powers. His responsibility to protect and elevate the householder led to a journey reaching as far as Tibet, Bhutan and Afghanistan that ultimately dispelled the negativity and united the entire Sadhu Samaj (the different yogic sects of those times) under the universal message of “Ik Ongkaar” – One Universal Consciousness.

He was renowned during his time as a great Mystic and a figure of tremendous spiritual power and wisdom.  A great Yogi in the most profound sense, he relied entirely upon the Infinite for his support. He was revered by people from all walks of life and interacted with the Sikh Gurus, embracing their sons when offered as sevadars to him.

While his own life was a continuous miracle, he never called attention to himself. Rather, he and his followers, known as Udasis, spread the message of Guru Nanak in a non-sectarian, universalist way, through meditation on the Divine Name, hard work, and service to those in need.

About the Chants

Baba Sri Chand Chants from Brahm Buta is an offering to all the Yogis who have walked, are walking and will be walking on the path of Dharma.

These Chants have been sanctifying the sacred grounds of Brahm Buta Shrine of Baba Sri Chand, which is at the corner of the Golden Temple for centuries and with the blessings of the divine it shall now sanctify your sacred surroundings, your homes and offices, your loved ones and your sacred path.

These teachings were given to the different Schools of Yoga who came to Baba Sri Chand for guidance and the teachings of the divine wisdom of Yoga. These chants contain his most subtle essence. The vibrations of the chants connects one directly with the healing and protective energy of Baba Sri Chand and awakens the Yogi within.

This is first time the recitation of Sri Matra, which is one of the tracks in cd, have been recorded.

“Sri Chand, Guru Nanak’s son speaks. Anyone who unites with these teachings.
His comings and goings in reincarnation shall end.

Shubangh” – Auspiciousness (be unto all)”

Sri Matra

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