On Saturday I did about my 50th day of white tantric yoga. “Tantric,” as we call it, is a day long meditation course that uses some combination of asana, breath, mudras, mantras and music. The power of a group meditative energy is profound.  I am always so surprised at how focused, relaxed and clear my mind becomes.

For White Tantric Yoga, people are paired up and meditations are done with a partner, so you can do it with a spouse or friend, or when you arrive, you can find a partner at the event.  It can also make for a great date as long as you both can sit cross legged. You can find out the schedule at www.whitetantricyoga.com

These courses are a great display of the inspiration behind our line of clothing as everyone wears white. The idea behind the white is that it is a meditative, relaxing color and the white serves to expand your aura and radiance. As we were looking for clothing for tantric & kundalini yoga, we found a number of new great styles.

We just picked up a new line of both men’s and women’s clothes.  We did a photo shoot a few days ago which was really fun. We have been adding clothes that are great for kundalini yoga and tantric in general. check back at the site for the clothing lines as they will be added over the next few weeks.

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