Jai Jagdeesh performing a classical Indian dance. Photo: Carl Kerridge

The beautiful Jai-Jagdeesh joins us in this podcast where she walks us through correct way to say several words commonly shared in the Kundalini Yoga Tradition. Learn how to pronounce Sat Nam, Har and Wahe Guru and never feel uncomfortable at a Kundalini dinner party again. Jai-Jagdeesh is also leading the 40-Day Global Sadhana with Spirit Voyage. Over 11,000 people all over the world are participating in this practice.

Jai Jagdeesh sharing her heart at Sat Nam Fest. Photo: Carl Kerridge

I Am Thine by Jai-Jagdeesh

Photos: Carl Kerridge To listen to the show click on the player below. If you are having trouble, click here.

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Where is My Guru rolled up at Sat Nam Fest at Joshua Tree Retreat Center on The Buzz Bus to take in four full days of Wahe Guru, Sadhana and remembering to wear white underwear. We have set up shop in the airstream (see picture below) for a weekend of fun, unity, a whole lot of Sat Nams and some great interviews with all of your favorite teachers, artists and musicians.

The Buzz Bus at Sat Nam Fest. Photo: Carl Kerridge

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