Snatam Kaur sharing the gift of mantra and song with everyone at Sat Nam Fest. Photo: Carl Kerridge

Where is My Guru was so honored to have privilage talking with Snatam Kaur and airing a live broadcast of her announcing the winners of the Sing a Little Song Project, a collaboration with Snatam, Spirit Voyage and 3HO Foundation.  The winners of the Sing a Little Song Project are: (drumroll please…….)

Grand Prize: Christopher Oscar for his song; All the Colors of the Rainbow

2nd Prize: Lana Maree Haas for her song; Peace and Harmony

3rd Prize: Michael Dinesh for his song; Share it All. Sat Nam

Snatam also shares in the podast about the next Global Sadhana she is co-leading with Gurmukh and Ramdesh Kaur with Spirit Voyage.  It begins on Mothers Day and will be dedicated to the children of the planet. Make sure to look out for information from Spirit Voyage so you can get involved. Congratulations to all of the winners!

BONUS! – You have to listen to the podcast to hear Snatam singing songs of her childhood!

Photos: Carl Kerridge To listen to the show click on the player below. If you are having trouble, click here.

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Where is My Guru rolled up at Sat Nam Fest at Joshua Tree Retreat Center on The Buzz Bus to take in four full days of Wahe Guru, Sadhana and remembering to wear white underwear. We have set up shop in the airstream (see picture below) for a weekend of fun, unity, a whole lot of Sat Nams and some great interviews with all of your favorite teachers, artists and musicians.

Buzz Bus - Home Sweet Home at Sat Nam Fest #GuruBuzz Photo: Carl Kerridge

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