Hargobind sharing a story before a performance at Sat Nam Fest. Photo: Carl Kerridge

The future of Spirit Voyage looks bright with leaders like Hargobind at the helm with a deep committment to offer vision, community and quality to the organization.  As the tents were coming down after a successful weekend at Sat Nam Fest in Joshua Tree, California, Hargobind*, his beautiful wife Siri Om and Ramdesh Kaur made some time to chat with Where is My Guru.  From what is on the horizon for Spirit Voyage to exciting projects happening in Mexico, this is one ride that I would want to be on.  Look Ma, no hands! Wahe Guru!

Spirit Voyage and Where is My Guru keepin' it real! Photo: Carl Kerride

Photos: Carl Kerridge To listen to the show click on the player below. If you are having trouble, click here.

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Where is My Guru rolled up at Sat Nam Fest at Joshua Tree Retreat Center on The Buzz Bus to take in four full days of Wahe GuruSadhana and remembering to wear white underwear. We have set up shop in the airstream (see picture below) for a weekend of fun, unity, a whole lot of Sat Nams and some great interviews with all of your favorite teachers, artists and musicians.

Check us out! www.buzzbustour.com Photo: Carl Kerridge


*Editor’s note: The only thing this interview was not able to to truly capture is Hargobind’s mad dance moves.  That boy throws it down. (Think back flips, people!)  His wife Siri Om does some wicked splits, too.  

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