The radiant Ashana capitvates us with her singing bowls at Sat Nam Fest. Photo: Carl KerridgeNirmal w/Sprit Voyage, Ashana, Jess and Joni the Accidental Yogist. Photo: Carl Kerridge

What do you get when you put two radio hosts, one musician, one Spirit Voyage ambassador and one microphone in an airstream? You get lively, fun and thoughtful conversation. From the Divine Feminine to looking at love and hate and how to embrace all of it, this was one of my favorite “impromtu” interviews of my weekend at Sat Nam Fest.  Getting to meet Joni (a.k.a The Accidental Yogist) who is a fellow seeker and surfer of the airwaves was an incredible treat. Ashana, well, it is hard to put her music into words. Mystical, angelic, other worldly sounds as she sings and plays beautiful crystal bowls guide you into a whole new world inside yourself. And finally (last but certainly not least!), Nirmal Khalsa from Mexico was at Sat Nam representing Spirit Voyage en Español. The four of us had a great time in this organic and mindful conversation touching on staying positive, loving where we are at and remembering that the vibration never stops.

Nirmal w/Sprit Voyage, Ashana, Jess and Joni the Accidental Yogist. Photo: Carl Kerridge

Photos: Carl Kerridge To listen to the show click on the player below. If you are having trouble, click here.

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Where is My Guru rolled up at Sat Nam Fest at Joshua Tree Retreat Center on The Buzz Bus to take in four full days of Wahe Guru, Sadhana and remembering to wear white underwear. We have set up shop in the airstream (see picture below) for a weekend of fun, unity, a whole lot of Sat Nams and some great interviews with all of your favorite teachers, artists and musicians.

Our beautiful Buzz Bus reflecting the sunrise at Sat Nam Fest. Photo: Carl Kerridge

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