Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.14.50 AMIncorporating mantra recitation into your daily activities is a great way to raise the vibration of the space around you, and to make mundane activities a little more spiritually fulfilling. Singing your favorite mantra from the heart can also lift your spirits if you’re feeling stressed, and help you feel more connected to the world around you. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few of my favorite times to chant.

Crafting/Hobbying – If you like to do things with your hands, mantra can be a great addition! Chant your favorite mantra while you crochet or knit, and imbue the fibers with love and positive energy. If tinkering with cars is more your style, say a protective mantra while you work. Scrap booking, wood working, jewelry making – our experience all of these things can be enhanced by incorporating mantra into our work.

Cleaning – Listening to an interview with GuruGanesha Singh, I once heard him tell the story of washing dishes at the Golden Temple Conscious Cookery restaurant in Washington, D.C. His story of frustration and dislike for the task is the same that we all feel when faced with the chores we don’t like. And when he talked about the transformation that occurred when he started chanting while doing his work, it’s a great example of the power of mantra to change our outlook on the things we do. Instead of looking at our chores as obligations to get out of the way so we can enjoy life, we can look at them as wonderful opportunities to practice and strengthen our mantra meditations.

Gardening – Just because summer is giving way to cooler autumn weather doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to do outside. If you have a winter garden or hoop house, you can spend some time prepping. When the leaves are falling and covering your yard, you can enjoy the air while you rake. On a breezy day, chant “Pavan Guru” and connect with the wind as the breath of the world. While you’re watering your plants, sing Deva Premal’sYemaya Assesu” and know that the water they drink will one day return to the ocean. Take a break from your work and chant your favorite mantra, and feel yourself connecting to the natural world around you.

Exercise – We all know that mantra pairs well with yoga. Kundalini yoga instructions often remind us to connect the mantra “Sat Nam” to our inhales and exhales, extensions and folds. But you can also mentally recite your mantras while walking, running, or swimming. Doing so can help you to set and keep your pace, and give you something to focus on and stay motivated in the homestretch.

Airplane travel – Air travel can be a stressful event. You are at the mercy of numerous factors beyond your control: flight delays, other people walking slowly in front of you, tiny seats with no leg room. Even if everything goes smoothly, you still have to practice patience and relax for the duration of your flight. Saying a few rounds on your mala is a great way to calm yourself and dispel any travel frustration you may experience during your trip.

Malas are wonderful tools for mantra practice!

“Mantras for Precarious Times” is a great way to start a simple mantra practice.

Go deeper in your mantra practice with “Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart”

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