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By:  S Guru Amrit K. Khalsa


Doing White Tantric Yoga can be one of the most life altering experiences you will ever have.    It builds your etheric energy to give you the ability to easily transcend the lessons of the earth by opening your intuition to give you an awareness to what your soul is currently working on and then the White Tantric Yoga energy can support you to release or heal your issues.  It does this by working in the realm of the soul.  It is different from Kundalini Yoga which has cause and effect..  In Kundalini Yoga you do certain exercises to get certain effects, but in White Tantric Yoga you will be working with the absolute realm beyond cause and effect, so there, only metaphors become the language to express the experience.  People will tell you White Tantric Yoga is great but they may not be able to define it for you for that reason.  It is a very personal experience, an intimate relationship you have with your own soul and not many people know how to talk about that with another person.  Doing White Tantric Yoga is a time to befriend your soul.  It is a time to easily release old life issues or heal soul lessons. It gives you a chance to transform within the grace of the group’s support.  Some of the following metaphors might help to define this experience.


  • Spring Cleaning:  White Tantric Yoga is like a spring cleaning of the soul.  When we do a spring cleaning of our home, we need two things.  Elbow grease to polish the surfaces clean and  solvents to support the cleaning.  In WTY we cleanse our subconscious mind using mudras and mantras.  The Mudras are like the elbow grease and the Mantras are the solvents to support you during the cleansing process.

o   NoteWhen the mudra calls for the eyes to be open or closed, it is specific to the exercise and relevant for the greatest impact to happen.  Think of the eyes as gates to the soul.  If they are to be closed, you are going on an inward journey, if open, the flow of subtle energy lines needs to be maintained for the greatest effect for all.


  • Eraser:  Akashic Records are the etheric records of all your deeds throughout your past lives.  Imagine an opportunity where you would be able to go into the Akashic Records and erase the bad karmas of your past lives, or even just the bad karmas, addictions or negative thinking patterns of this lifetime and be able to replace those with the Grace of God’s light, love, or divine truth.  In one exercise you can clear, or release what might otherwise take decades of therapy. White Tantric Yoga builds your etheric quality to help you address the issues of the earth.
  • Battery:  All exercises are done in lines utilizing the polarities of male and female forces. It’s like using the positive/negative poles in a battery that creates a charge that moves diagonally through the lines.
  • Zipper: Think of a zipper. If a tooth of the zipper was missing, it would jam at that spot.  The energy of Tantric flows in a zig-zag motion between participants, touching each individual in the lines and requires every spot to be filled. Otherwise, the Tantric energy gets jammed.

If you need to leave the line for a moment, raise your hand to contact a monitor to

fill your place while you are gone.

How to get the most out of the White Tantric Yoga experience

  • Set intentions that will help you heal, release, bring awareness to an issue, expand intuition, integrate or harvest wisdom about a past or current issue
  • Pray: connect with your soul & listen deeply
  • Maintain Silence during the day
  • Work with your strongest emotion to bring clarity to inform your day

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