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Human chakra systemIn the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the human being has 10 bodies not 1.  The first body is called the Soul Body.  This is your “inner self.”  It is the voice that speaks to you and guides you on the path of your true purpose, that feels in harmony with all life.  In the yogic tradition, the soul is an actual “thing.”  While it is inter-dimensional, it has weight in this world, just less than an ounce. When a person passes away, the Soul Body is encased in the Subtle Body (which records all your deeds, words, actions), and they travel onward to the next level of your incarnation.  Once the Soul Body has “left” the physical body, the weight is less.  Hence, the 1st body is both completely spiritual and completely real.

The real issue of the Soul Body is the idea of “head versus heart.” Will you live from your intellect and your ego, or will you live from your intuition and your heart?  When your connection to your Soul Body is weak, it will be harder to find the strength to live your passions and follow your bliss.  You’ll get stuck in “what-ifs” and “why-fors.”

The Soul Body is often described as the reason for physical life.  The lessons we learn, the “meaning” of why we’re here, are all contained within the Soul Body.  The other nine bodies are servants of the soul body, ideally creating an environment where the Soul Body can flourish.  It is the point and seat of your connectedness with the Universe.  Yoga and meditation can work, in turn, on each of the 10 bodies, and this creates an easier expression for your Soul Body, especially a strong Aura and a strong Arc Line.

Guruchander Singh Khalsa, author of Tantric Numerology expresses a very simple and easy way to touch base with your Soul Body and how it’s doing.  The fifth body (physical body) expresses your spirit.  He suggests touching base with your physical body and seeing if there are any blockages, especially in the digestive and elimination systems.  Constipation could be a sign of a weak Soul Body. He also suggests that if you have a strong Soul Body, you will feel very creative, in the flow, and sexy.  Sexual dysfunctions may indicate a weakened Soul Body as well.  Opening yourself up to sexual bliss and being in the flow of the creative energy of the Universe strengthens the Soul Body.

The first body aligns with the first chakra and the seat of the Kundalini energy in your root chakra.  Keeping the energy of the first chakra flowing is very supportive of the Soul Body.

When your Soul Body is strong and powerful, you can live a creative life full of passion and purpose.  You will live from your heart and feel infinitely loved by the flow of the Universe.

Numerologically, people born in January or on the first of the month would do well to strengthen and connect with their Soul Body.

Ways to strengthen the Soul Body:


The Mul Mantra, which literally translates to the Root Mantra, can change your fate, kill your karma, and align you faster with your soul’s purpose.  You can sing, recite, or listen to it to create a vibrational shift in your energy field. The Tantric Har (Har meaning God), can also help you connect with your Soul Body. Connecting with any song or mantra that feels like it touches your Soul will strengthen the Soul Body.  A good sign (if not a scientific barometer) of a mantra touching your soul is tears pouring out of your eyes.

Some versions of the Mul Mantra:

Tantric Har:

Kundalini Yoga Kriya: 

Certain kriyas can help with the Soul Body.  In particular, there is the “Soul Body Kriya for Divinity” in the book Waves of Healing. You can also strengthen the root chakra using simple asana, like butt drops or frogs.  Sat Kriya is another good tool to strengthen the root chakra and the navel center.





Keeping your digestion and elimination strong can help the flow of prana and apana, which relates the flow of information from your Soul.  Fiber sources can be beneficial to take in the case of constipation, and keeping a happy digestive system is good for all.

Practice Humility:

Spiritual arrogance will get you nowhere.  Practice humility.  Donating time to seva, selfless service, can help keep you humble and spiritually connected.

Lead with Your Heart:

No matter how scary it may seem to you, trust your heart.  It is wiser and more intelligent than we’ve ever dreamed.  Our brains are great for cleverness, and I honor them for their role in our lives and our livelihoods, but our hearts are smarter.  The heart always knows.

Get Creative:

Open up the flow of Divine Play!  Try painting, writing poetry, dancing, singing, or whatever form of self-expression you are called to.  What does your Soul want to say?

Connect to Guru Nanak:

Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs, was born in 1469 in India to Hindu parents, but he established a mode of spirituality that included everyone regardless of caste, creed, or sex.  He sang powerful songs of love for the Divine, and he held compassion and love for all.  He was completely aligned with his Soul, seeing the Infinite within all things.  His many miracles and inspired teachings formed the basis for the Sikh religion.


Other Resources on the Ten Bodies:

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