Human energy body, aura, chakra, energyIn the system of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, the human being has 10 bodies not just 1.  Each body has its own attributes, and the 5th body relates to the physical body, the actual form we think of as our “body”.

The physical body is our playground in this lifetime.  It can hear, see, touch, taste and move.  It wiggles and waggles, walks and run, jumps and reclines.  It allows us to feel emotions and to interact with a physical experience.

When we don’t take care of our physical body or fifth body, everything suffers.  If we eat too much of a food that isn’t good for us, we feel bad.  This limits the ability of our other 9 bodies to function properly.  If we eat too little, we don’t have enough gas to get us through the day.  How we relate to our physical body is extremely important.  We need to exercise to keep it strong (which is turn gets the prana flowing and the helps balance the mind), we must give it adequate rest, and we need to honor its role in our lives.  Try hating your body but having everything else go right for you….you can’t do it.  A positive relationship with  strong physical body is a key to creating a whole and happy life.

A strong fifth body allows one to have a strong sense of balance and living for others.  This might seem paradoxical, but a strong 5th center allows you maintain and feel your true balance while giving of yourself and your time.  If someone needs your help and you think “I’m too tired!”, then you are out of balance in the 5th body.  Taking the time to care for your physical body will allow you to give of yourself to others when called upon without feeling put upon or drained.

The fifth body relates to the glandular system and also to the throat chakra.  A strong fifth body allows you to speak your truth and regulate your hormones so that you feel steady and balanced.  Thyroid problems and also problems stuttering relate to the 5th body.  Depression often results from a weak 5th body.  A strong 5th body helps you to develop the capacity to sacrifice for the greater good.

People born in May or those born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of the month would to well to keep their physical bodies strong and healthy.

How to Strengthen the Physical Body (the Fifth Body):


A minimum of 30 minutes a day 3 times a week, ideally an hour of exercise every day.  This keeps the glandular system regulated and keeping the energy flowing in the body.  Dancing is a great form of exercise!


A physical yoga practice that includes a lot of stretching and strengthening of the muscles builds the fifth body.


“Ang Sang Waheguru” (God is in every cell of my body) reaffirms the presence of the Divine within you.

Body Work

Any type of body work like massage, reflexology, taking a hot bath, aromatherapy, or Reiki will help strengthen the physical body. Treat yourself!


Making sure you have the right mineral balance in your body is an important step to physical health and well-being.


Just a bit, don’t overdo it, but 15 minutes of sunshine during the early hours of the morning will help your body make Vitamin D to keep your bones strong and healthy.


Teaching strengthens the physical body.  Those with 5’s in their numerology are destined to teach others and will derive great physical, emotional and mental well-being from sharing knowledge with others.

Connect with Guru Arjan

Known for his incredible loving devotion, Guru Arjan had an extraordinarily strong physical body.  Despite being tortured for five days and nights, he never flinched, chanting “Waheguru” the entire time.

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