Sat Nam Rasayan is an ancient healing art that anybody can learn.  It is a method of self-healing, and a permanent cure for ailments because this method addresses imbalances or blockages (physical or mental) at their root.  It is performed between a Sat Nam Rasayan healer/teacher, and an individual or group.

Sat Nam Rasayan has a variety uses:  it can alleviate depression, stress, or be used to diagnose specific physical diseases and their root cause.  It can even be used in conjunction with cancer treatments.  For example, sessions can be used to set the intention to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and enhance the strength of the liver to detoxify the medications negative side affects.

It can also bring a deep state of peace to the healer, as it requires entering a very high meditative state to an expanded consciousness so that the healer can “pick up” on the “discontinuity” of energy flow in the subject’s physical and subtle bodies.

This practice is different from Reiki, and is unique to the healing traditions of Kundalini Yoga for several reasons.  It feels completely unlike Reiki, and to reach the meditative state, practitioners use intense versions of Kundalini meditations.   Some chants used to enter into the healing state are Aad Such Jugad Such or Guru Guru Wahe Guru.

(Editor’s Note:  Try Guruganesha’s version of Aad Such Jugad Such or Sat Kartar’s Guru Guru Wahe Guru…)

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