by Devjeet Kaur (Lisa George)

What is Naam Yoga? What is Universal Kabbalah?
Simply put, it is a key to opening one’s Heart and awakening Divine Consciousness. It is the Science of Light. The moment I took my first Kundalini class, I was hooked. The classes challenged me to find my deepest inner resources, my higher self. I felt rejuvenated and alive afterwards. However, when I found Naam Yoga, I was amazed. The sweetness of the prayer of Love, Peace, and Light at the end and chanting Lumine de Lumine, these Prayers opened my heart like a blossom. I knew I was to teach this form of Yoga.
Naam Yoga blends Kundalini Yoga brought to America from India by Yogi Bhajan in 1969 and Kabbalah as taught by Gurunam (Dr. Joseph Michael Levry), a Mystic from the Ivory Coast of Africa. Gurunam studied with Yogi Bhajan for many years; eventually he gave Gurunam his blessing to create Naam Yoga. Naam means the name; we chant the names of God, which is the word. We bind ourselves to these words or Names of God from Gurbani and from the Torah, so that we attain our wishes and dreams.
A typical Naam Yoga class includes chanting mantra, breath work, asana, and meditation. Kabbalah is woven in through prayer. Much of the Wisdom is learning about Universal laws. By practicing, we benefit by strengthening our nervous, glandular, digestive systems and blood chemistry. For example by chanting, we create pressure on areas of the mouth that connect to our nervous system thus, stimulating the sacred glands, the pituitary and the pineal. We learn about Universal laws that govern us. When we know and follow the laws, the by-product is peace, serenity and acceptance of life on life’s terms. Much of the wisdom contains the secrets of the planetary influences and the vast science of light contained in the Tree of Life.
A very deep relaxing healing technique called Harmonyum has been passed to Gurunam. Harmonyum is borne of Universal Kabbalah, all of which are influenced by universal life force energy, the power of the Sun, the wisdom in the tree of Life, the angels, archangels, the power of numerology. I was in the middle of my first Harmonyum and knew I had too learn how to give others this peaceful, deeply relaxing experience. The calming soothing touch was something I knew I had to pass on. My family and clients beg for Harmonyum for a range of health issues. According to Gurunam, he reports there is no health issues that Harmonyum 1, 11 or 111 cannot rid the body of.
For more information try reading books by Gurunam for example: Alchemy of Love, Lifting the Veil, or the Divine Doctor as well as CD’d s by Gurunam such as Triple Mantra (Protection), Naam Lounge, and Invocation of Divine Light, a few items that can help you to find your own healer Within, to be so uplifted you cannot help but serve others.

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