Angel healing energySo what is it that heals?  Yogi Bhajan offered this teaching….

“So there is no disease.  It doesn’t matter if you give medicine; you can give food instead.  It will heal.  You can give water.  It will heal.  Some spiritual healers take a glass of water, put their hand on it, chant a mantra over it, and hand it to you.  You can call it quackery, but it works.  What is life?  Life is the rhythm of prana.  If the rhythm of prana is out of phase, you are in trouble; if it is in phase you are right.  That is what heals.  As much doubt as a person has in his sub-conscious, that much pain he will have in his life.  You can take it as a granted fact.  Have no doubt about it.  One who does not belong has no experience of what belonging is.”

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