Have you ever had that experience of “Damn I knew that would happen!” when it all went wrong? Well yes, on some level you probably did know!

At the quantum level the strongest force is attraction. And we do attract, with our mind and our our emotions. We are constantly sending waves of vibrations through the universe. When these vibrations are in alignment with mind, body, and spirit, we are in alignment with the universe in its entirety and the journey is joyous. We achieve our desire and everything is seemingly as it should be and we are thankful.


The cause and the effect of manifestation is on spirit time, it can be instant or spread out, perhaps even over life times.

What about when we haven’t manifested our desires or there is a bump in the road? It’s very easy to curse in these times and even doubt that we are of any influence at all. We can doubt that we are all powerful, that we are co-creators. In these moments of disappointment we can easily sink into unhealthy mental and emotional patterns, feeling abandoned and even betrayed. The ownership of our intention dwindles and then our ‘faith’ wobbles and we basically send the universe mixed signals.

We are not betrayed or abandoned, ever. The all-knowing divine power isn’t working at our pace. The cause and the effect of manifestation is on spirit time, it can be instant or spread out, perhaps even over life times. Therefore in these moments when we don’t manifest our desired experience maybe it’s simply needs one word added – yet.

Then again maybe not! Maybe there is something much better coming around the corner. In fact sometimes if the thing we thought we had wanted to happen had actually occurred, the better thing could never happen.

We are all in our own journey, always unfolding in our own personal growth.

As we do, our thoughts and emotional energy is creating possibilities and opportunities for expansion. We have always been on this path. We are co-creators, even when it seems to the contrary and the outcome makes no sense at all and you hear yourself say, “I didn’t create this! Who would want this?”

Sometimes our questions aren’t answered immediately. It’s only when you have moved beyond the challenge, once your pain has been released and the void filled again with love and creativity, that you know your growth. This is when you see how all the dots connect and why all connections were of importance to your unique journey.

We are always in the right place – both in the darkest moments and in the light. It’s from knowing the the low moments that we are able to truly appreciate the richness and the sweetness of the highs.

Admittedly, along the journey this can be hard to stomach, we can experience such heartache and sorrow. Sometimes we experience people doing some unthinkable things and maybe we question “how can that be right?” That is wrong! You know why? Because they, just like you, are a creative being. They are on their own path of growth too, doing what they think is best with the experiences and learning that their unique life has given them. Often they have not had the best examples.

These are the biggest challenges to the soul: experiencing empathy to the souls who seems lost, on a destructive path, recognizing that their behaviors match their connection with their internal peace and wisdom. A powerful mantra for removing obstacles on a soul level is the Mul Mantra. Yogi Bhajan said that the Mul Mantra “removes the fate and changes one’s destiny to complete prosperity”.

We can live with a more consistent level of inner peace. It comes from a certainty that you are always in the right place, an inner knowing that in each moment there is opportunity to expand. When we use this understanding as a springboard for creating such a life, then we are sending a clear signal to the universe that we can use this understanding to create a life of inner contentment and fulfillment.

We have been given the gift of co-creation and multiple avenues to direct this creative energy, to invite into our lives prosperity, for ourselves and for all.

So whether in circumstances that please you or those you hope pass by quickly, remember: “I am always in the right place. Here, now is where I am meant to be, in this too there is growth.” Ask within, “what must I let go of to make space for the insights from this?”


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