I remember when I first saw Ajeet.  She wasn’t on stage. She was sitting in a field in West Virginia, singing, lookin like a muse with her long red hair pouring over her shoulders. 

In that way, when I see the images of her now, nothing has changed. Yet in other ways, important ways, she has been on a path of growth and self-discovery, and many of us have traveled along with her on this journey of evolution.

It was ten years ago when I saw Ajeet in that field.  We were both at the first Sat Nam Fest.  This was before she began recording albums or singing on stage.  She was just there to be a part of the special magic, to listen, and to soak it in .  It was a gentle beginning to our friendship, but one that was prescient, as so much of the time I find myself sharing her journey from afar as she tours around the world and sometimes our paths cross near a stage.

Perhaps you too have been sharing this spiritual and musical journey with her.

Ajeet’s first recording was as backup Gurunam Singh’s album ‘Touch Every Heart‘ in 2013, and you could tell even then there was something special about her.  At first, only those of us who were part of the Kundalini Yoga community knew her, but as her voice traveled through larger and larger circles, I began hearing the questions more and more often: “Who is Ajeet?”

The first time Ajeet sang on stage at a yoga event, her voice was so soft, we had to lean in close to listen.  She was just beginning to share her music.  You might recognize this image of how she looked then: Ajeet, wearing a turban and chuni, exploring the sacredness of Sikh shabads and Kundalini mantras.

In the years since, we’ve come to recognize that initial impression of gentleness is a part of her particular artistry, and that when she sings, she can pull you into the quiet places of your heart.  Her voice is like the delicacy and strength of lace.

As she began to record more music, she mixed the spiritual shabds of the Sikh path with songs and mantras that she connected with personally on her albums “Sacred Waters“, “At the Temple Door“, and “Darshan.”   We saw audiences burst into applause when she sang, and could see their hearts open wide, reflected in the tears that glistened on every cheek.

In those formative years, Snatam Kaur felt the connection to her powerful vibration when she sang, and invited her on tour as a backup singer.

After touring with Snatam for a year and being inspired by the deep connection Snatam Kaur had to her path,  Ajeet felt pulled to explore her own spiritual and musical path.  She began writing music with chants from different traditions and singing songs from her heart.  She released ‘Haseya‘, and we  all saw the shift in her presence.  We saw her make the choice not to wear a turban and let her beautiful hair come down.  We heard her singing different kinds of music and allowing herself to explore the spirituality of the natural world around her.  Her fierceness, her fire, her sweet strength…those are the traits of hers that she began to bring forward into the world, with radiant, unfiltered confidence.

To witness her unfolding has been beautiful, not because she does or doesn’t wear a head covering, but simply because she continues to make choices that feel authentic to her, and by doing so, invites us to honor ourselves and our deepest desires, too. Ajeet’s transformation begs us all to witness our own, too.  Just as she has grown and transformed and strengthened and evolved in the artistry of her life, so have we.  Her quiet confidence displays no challenge to change, just an invitation to ask yourself, “Are you living the life you want to? Are you truly who you want to be today?”

And by watching her growth, in the back of our minds, some of us began to ask ourselves these questions, too.

When Ajeet released Indigo Sea, she focused on sharing Irish music and her Irish heritage.  She told us that she wasn’t going to be just one genre as an artist anymore.

The thing about Ajeet is that she is always rising.  

And doesn’t the world need more of that, especially right now? Don’t we all need risers when the world feels so upside down? Don’t we all need people to remind us that change is inevitable but growth is a choice?

Like a wildflower, she’s planted herself in her roots, rising towards the light, and exploded out of her bud.

Her latest single “When She Rises”, which she created by moonlight in Ireland with guitar and harp (and can there be anything more dripping with romance than that?), reminds us that the life of a flower is not over when it blossoms.  The blossom is the beginning.  Out of the blossom, seeds of a new life sail away on the wind and are constantly reborn again.  And so Ajeet is being reborn now, too.

Ajeet is dropping “Kaur” from her name. She has redesigned all her album covers to reflect that she is Ajeet and Ajeet alone now, unfettered by other people’s ideas of who she might need to be. Ajeet means Unconquerable, and we are witnessing her choice to free herself from anything she no longer wishes to hold.

It’s been many years since I witnessed her in the field of flowers with her red hair blowing in the wind.  We have lived lifetimes in the decade since, and yet still there she is, and I see her from afar in a field of flowers with her hair blowing in the wind, singing.  So much has changed, and yet so much of her has remained close to the core essence of that muse I  first saw.

Her soon to be released single When She Rises makes me feel that the rise for us all is inevitable.  It’s not a question, its not an “if” but a “when”.  We may look different when we are a seed, then a stalk, then a bud, then a flower, but we always became who we were anointed to be.  I think Ajeet, in all her fullness of who and what she is, in the gentle richness of her creativity, is exactly who she was anointed to be.


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