Spirit Voyage is proud to have so many of our amazing artists on the 🎼GRAMMY BALLOT 🎼 this season. In honor of their inclusion, we have all of these albums up on Spirit Voyage Radio through December 5 when first round voting is over. #VoteKundaliniYoga this Grammy Season!
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The 2019 Grammy Awards will be held on February 10, 2019.  We are hoping that these incredible albums will make it through the first round of voting and become nominees in the 61st Grammy Awards Ceremony.  Nominations will be announced in all 84 categories on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018

Spirit Voyage Artist’s Albums Included in is year’s Grammy Ballot:

Album: Beloved
Artist: Snatam Kaur
Category: New Age

Finding a place of total peace within yourself is a priceless gift. From the first note, Snatam Kaur’s new release, Beloved, gives you that gift. The opening track, Amul (which is the Gurmukhi word for priceless) invites you to travel away from the chaos of this commercial world to a place of priceless peace. From there, the album builds landscapes of song that have Snatam Kaur’s voice opening up in totally new directions from her previous albums.

Album: Shuniya
Artist: Ajeet Kaur
Category: New Age

Take a journey into the ancient sound current of the Himalayas, Shiva’s chant of life and death, honored throughout the lineages of yoga and meditation. Explore a collection of kriyas and meditations with the soulful and powerful Maha Mrityunjai Mantra, a song of renewal and transformation. Each moment brings an experience of birth, life and death. Shiva’s chant is a pathway to let go, and find a deep sense of peace within every ebb and flow.

Album: Down Come the Walls
Artist: Jai-Jagdeesh
Category: New Age

In a beautifully bold and vulnerable declaration of the glory of being human, “Down Come The Walls” explores divinity, passion, heartbreak, and authenticity in an exquisite musical journey. In this, Jai-Jagdeesh’s third studio album, she has surrounded herself with a creative team of multi-instrumental masters to provide her an impeccable and dynamic current for her potent voice to sail on.

Album: Sleep Meditations
Artist: Dr. Ramdesh
Category: Spoken Word


Dr. Ramdesh combines her soothing journeys with relaxing crystal singing bowls and binaural beats that put your brain waves into a deeper sleeping pattern in her new collection “Sleep Meditations: Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep and Overcoming Insomnia.

Album: -8
Artist: Sirgun Kaur
Category: New Age

-8 is Sirgun’s fifth mantra album. It was recorded at 432 hertz, 8 hertz below the standard tuning used by most industry professionals. 432hz is believed to be in tune with the natural frequency of the Universe. -8 (pronounced “minus eight”) is a celebration of harmonious sound. The mantras on this album were carefully and intuitively selected to provide the listener with a powerful experience of sacred sound.

Join us in wishing all of these incredible artists acknowledgement for their incredible work!

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