Gurunam Singh is currently in the middle of a tour across the United States. He recently stopped in Vancouver, home of Nirinjan Kaur, where she joined him for one night in concert at Yoga West.

This recording came to our attention today at Spirit Voyage, and we were just transported!  We wish we could go on the road with all of our artists, but we are blessed to have our artists come to us at Spirit Fest this year!

Gurunam and Nirinjan each have their own sets at Spirit Voyage (plus will be leading sadhana chants).  We can’t wait to hear their glorious voices!

If you’re in SC, NC, CT or NY, check for a Gurunam Singh concert near you!  Join us for Spirit Fest September 16-18 in Waynesboro, PA!


Enjoy this beautiful version of the unrecorded “Unto Thee” by Gurunam Singh!

The Journey Home – Unto Thee from yoga west on Vimeo.


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