Enjoy this wonderful video of Mirabai Ceiba performing their track “Yemaya.”  Recorded in Barcelona, Spain, this will give you a taste of the magic you’ll experience on their Awakened Earth Tour.  Their beautiful instrumentation combined with the energy of the crowd will make you wish you were there!  You can find out more about their tour at www.mirabaiceiba.com.

You can hear a beautiful version of Mirabai Ceiba’s “Yemaya” on the newly released album The Grace Within You: Live From Sat Nam Fest 2011. Each of the tracks on this incredible album will transport you to Sat Nam Fest, where you can bathe in the energy of that wonderful experience.

The Grace Within You - Live from Sat Nam Fest 2011


Awakened Earth

Cycle of Life

A Hundred Blessings

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