Words have tremendous power.  They are real and tangible things.  With a word, I can cut you down at the knees at watch you shrink with tears.  With a word, I can raise you out of the dust and set you back on your way.

Mantra is based on this principle.  The ancients who created these mantras (they might argue, found them in meditation, rather than created them) understood the power of words to instill courage, overcome fear, open the heart and soothe the soul.

Maya Angelou, Pultizer Prize winner, former poet laureate, and national treasure, knows this.  She feels the power of words.  Recently on my radio show “Spirit Voyage Radio with Ramdesh”, I spoke to Nirinjan Kaur about the the sacred sound current and the energy of the Guru in words.  I told a story I learned from Mata Mandir Kaur about Maya Angelou, and about how she says words are so powerful that they get in your skin, your carpet, your hair, the paint in your walls.  This is why we play mantra in our environment, and why we create consciously by choosing our words and our thoughts.

Today make your intention to rise above whatever might be limiting you. Use poetry, use mantra, use whatever it is you need today to make your soul sing….to make you rise….then do it.  No matter what….rise.

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