GuruGanesha Singh and Karan Khalsa

On Thursday, I was lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with GuruGanesha and talk about the new album Kundalini Surjhee. As he always is, GuruGanesha was so excited and animated in his descriptions about the album and the people he worked with on it.  His enthusiasm for this music and the Kundalini Yoga teachings that inspire it is contagious.    You’ll love watching his vibrant descriptions of the music and the musicians that worked with him on this album.

The new album, Kundalini Surjhee, is scheduled for release on April 19th, but you can Download the album now at Spirit Voyage.

If you have ever sat in the audience at one of his concerts, you know the gravitational pull of GuruGanesha`s guitar carrying you deep into the soul of the music. On Kundalini Surjhee, he crystallizes that experience with the signature virtuosity of his savory guitar style. While many guitarists find it challenging to master a single style, GuruGanesha leads you from traditional raag to rock to blues and beyond. His guitar wizardry and soulful vocals alone could carry this album, but GuruGanesha brought in several other major world sacred music artists that break it through to another realm.

GuruGanesha will be joined by Tina Malia on their upcoming Song of the Soul Tour which will feature incredible live versions of the music on this album as well as music from Tina Malia’s own incredible discography.

Visit their tour website to find out when they will be in your area.

2011 · 2012 World Tour starting April 15.

Sacramento, California 04/15/2011
Santa Rosa, California 04/16/2011
Grass Valley, California 04/17/2011
Ashland, Oregon 04/20/2011
Seattle, Washington 04/22/2011
Eugene, Oregon 04/24/2011
Berkeley, California 04/29/2011
San Rafael, California 04/30/2011
Santa Cruz, California 05/01/2011
Santa Barbara, California 05/04/2011
Los Angeles, California 05/06/2011
Encinitas, California 05/07/2011
San Diego, California 05/08/2011

The Song of the Soul Tour will be visiting the Eastern US and Canada in September 2011.

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