yogini tribe

These words ran through my being echoing my own human-ness. 2016 got out of the starting gate with a big bang. There were things going on around and within me that I could no longer hide from. These things wanted me to confront them, deal with them, resolve them and they wanted it done NOW!

In 2015 Infinite Potential Yoga Studio came into existence. Though I owned it, the warm and welcoming space in Raton was where I became the instrument to guide Kundalini Yoga classes in the small community of Raton in New Mexico. It was and achievement I was proud of. A beautiful space in which I was excited to gracefully teach all who were willing to participate. My excitement continued to blossom as a caring, loving, respectful community was being created. It was the happiest I felt since my move to the USA as I always longed for more than just my daily practice with me, myself and I.

Within 6 months time, it became impossible to predict when Infinite Potential would be able to sustain itself financially. I was blessed to also have a secure full time job so each month saw me dipping into my own pockets to ensure the survival of this sacred space. A few months later as the weather grew colder, attendance dwindled, cost of utilities increased and my pockets were getting shallower. I feared the worst as I knew the time was coming that something had to be done soon.

My ego raged a war within. Mixed emotions of sadness, regret, admittance of failure, embarrassment – these and many more emotions were being processed within my human self. At the time, I couldn’t see that this turmoil was keeping me from going further and flying higher.

So I turned to what I knew. I dug deep each and every morning as though my sadhana I clung to Ego Eradicator like a drowning ant to a leaf. Through Breath of Fire I felt the stale, stagnant and stubborn air being released from my lungs. Transformation was taking place as my nervous system was being strengthened to be able to accept and embrace the change the Universe was about to deliver. With my out-stretched arms held at 60 degrees, I felt my heart opening and in so doing my own will was being released as I surrendered to God. Resolutely and firmly pointing my thumbs to the heavens expanded my aura and I could feel my blocks and my fears crumbling.

I had unlocked the divine power held within a beautiful Kundalini posture and for me it brought a happy ending to this story. One of my students was kind and generous enough to offer me the use of a cozy sacred space that Infinite Potential now calls its home. Without the cloud of month to month financial demands hanging over my head, I was now also able direct my energies towards going out into neighboring communities to share with them the beautiful teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

It was so obvious that the divine lesson learnt was that sometimes you need to be pulled back to be able to gather up the energy to be propelled forward and upward.

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