christmas-yoga-santaT’was the night before Christmas and all the through the house
All the yogis were chanting and vibrating the house.

All the malas were hanging from the mantel with care
Awaiting for next morning’s Japji prayer

The yogis grew tired and decided to rest,
Laying in savasana pose, integrating their very best.

As their minds begin to settle and their bodies heavy like lead
Visions of auras flashed colors in each one of their heads.

When out of the blue an unexpected noise should appear
The sounds of the gong begin vibrating with transformative cheer.

Instead of rustling from within and resisting the vibrations
Each yogi snuggled deeper into the amazing sensations.

As the sounds of the gong grew richer and deeper,
The full moon shimmered through the window with great fervor

Amidst the vibes of the gong, a man’s voice should appear
It’s Yogi Bhajan sending blessing and removing any fear

What felt like a minute, the sounds of the gong disappear
Clearing any leftover doubt that tried to interfere

As each yogi awoke from their deep blissful slumber
All they could remember was one single number

The number of 3 for December called to their attention
To remind them all this month to pursue their ascension

Without fail, Yogi Bhajan the late Kundalini Yoga master,
Subtly guides each soul to avoid any possible disasters.

How grateful a community these yogis must be
To have such a leader that could helpfully foresee

With consciousness at bay within each our hearts
This Christmas will bring a new energy from the start

Sat Nam!  Blessings! Happy Holidays. Joy to All.


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