Where is the light? When darkness descends, it can be difficult to find the bright spots. Most of us know this, yet when we’re “going through it” (whatever “it” may be), at times we still feel engulfed and overwhelmed. But, where is the light?

In these moments, I challenge my Self to stop and consciously look for the light. And if I can’t find it, I create it. Literally. Whether writing a simple “gratitude list,” doodling on a sticky note, or writing a poem, the light begins trickling in, opening my heart center one drop at a time.

So, recently inspired by the darkness of rising hate crimes across the country, I put pen to paper once again. Where is the light? How can I create light? And out flowed the following “run-on” haiku about the turban technology. It’s a fun, lighthearted way to learn and educate others about the purpose of the Sikh turban.

Turban Technology

A turban turbine,
wound round the crown,
transforming what’s under the hood,

to infinity.

Persian ‘dolband,’ or
turk ‘tülbent’, or french ‘turbant,’
turban wraps sikh faith,

in humility.

Identity: love,
in spiraling bands of cloth.
Acceptance heals all,

through hope.

Turban turns prana,
the little engine that could,
harness inner wind,

to meditate.

Wrap a thinking cap,
align cranium bones to
expand heart center,

through spiraled chi.

Balance the chakras.
Master subtle energy.
Adjust consciousness.

Just be.

Trust universality,
and reflect on G.O.D.

Ajna opening.

Transmute your power,
to let kundalini flow,
the force be with you.

In peace,

Now you know,
the turban technology.

Sat Nam.

Lindsey Roby identifies as a Human, and a Kundalini Yoga teacher some days, a pediatric occupational therapist other days, and an artist across time. Her cat wakes her up for morning sadhana. She likes to spend time in hammocks, go for walks on the heels of a good rain shower, and stop to smell the flowers. Lindsey “accidentally” found Kundalini Yoga when seeking solutions for stress in grad school and since then has realized the Universe has a great sense of humor. She enjoys marveling at the parallels between western neuroscience and eastern yogic science, considers meditation to be a powerful healer, and believes the breath has the capability to transform the psyche. Her list of “happy hacks” is long, and she is always happy to share joy and spread Love.




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