Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Chanting “Ong Namo”, or the Adi Mantra, opens every Kundalini yoga practice. We call it “tuning in” and it is a mantra that both protects us and connects us to the highest source of wisdom. There are many ways to translate it, but one is “I bow to the All-That-Is. I bow to the Divine Wisdom within myself.”

It has been taught that in the Age of Aquarius there would be so many spiritual seekers that there would not be enough gurus to instruct them in paths to enlightenment. We must hone our ability to hear the Guru Dev, the guru within our hearts. Our Guru Dev, or higher self, can be the source of all instruction and inspiration.

A guru is simply an energy that brings you out of darkness (gu = unconsciousness) into light (ru = consciousness).  It’s that which makes your Light sparkle brighter. It is a divine and cosmic teacher, which may act through a person or through you, and always uplifts and enhances your own Divinity. One of the translations of Dev is angelic, and we have a part of ourselves that is more angelic than human, which we must learn to hear.

Meditation is vital because it allows us to learn to calm down the mind, which only chatters on drowning out the voice of our soul, which speaks in our heart. You cannot learn to meditate effectively without controlling your breath. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa talks about how yogis have no allegiance to anything other than breath. Nothing defines a yogi, she says, but breath.

The breath is your connection to life, to the now moment, and to Truth.  In the Kundalini tradition, this is called our Sat Nam, or our true identity. We address each other with the words “Sat Nam” because we commit to seeing the Higher Self of the person we are greeting. A real mastery of the meaning of Sat Nam is not attained until you recognize one basic but often difficult lesson. There is no real difference between the guru within and the guru without. Ek ong kar; All is one. The separation between It and You on account of the boundaries of a body is an illusion of a material world.

Many are uncomfortable with the word guru and the idea of bowing before anything, thinking it means giving away their power.  In fact, bowing or surrendering to the Divine is the ultimate act of strength, for as you bow, you exchange finite strength for Infinite strength.

In these fast and crazy times, when human consciousness is evolving at an unprecedented rate, we can no longer afford to ignore our inner guidance system, our Guru Dev. Meditation, yoga and pranayama help us quiet the mind in favor of the heart.

But don’t take our word for it: ask your Guru Dev.

I bow to the Infinite.

I bow to the Divine Teacher that lies at the center of my own heart.

Ong namo.

Guru Dev namo.

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