You can’t really go wrong with any yoga music CD’s by Snatam Kaur.  Lush instrumentals, soaring compositions, and a voice straight out the heavens are on all of her albums.  But this beautiful devotional singer, who has exploded in the sacred chant world, is attracting new listeners everyday.  Whether you are new to Snatam Kaur or her hardcore fan, these five CD’s are must-haves in any musical library.

1) Live in Concert by Snatam Kaur

What really sets this album apart is the incredible energy that has been captured from the synergy of live performance with Snatam, GuruGanesha Singh, Manish Vyas, and Ram Dass Khalsa.   Many of Snatam’s greatest hits are on this album, each with a fresh twist born of artistic innovation and spiritual inspiration, and it should be on the top 5 yoga music Cd’s list for the entire genre of yoga music.

2.) Grace by Snatam Kaur

This yoga music cd is like a musical Kundalini yoga class.  It begins with the opening prayer Ong Namo, which will leave you swooning as you sing along, and ends with the Long Time Sun, sung at the end of each class.  Long Time Sun has become a gold standard in the yoga music world for a beautiful song in English that leaves you in another world.  Ra Ma Da Sa is another stand-out meditation on this album.

3.) Anand by Snatam Kaur

Lush and lovely, Snatam delivers on every song.  From the gentle “Kabir’s Song” to the upbeat “Mool Mantra”, every track on this album is fresh and new, no matter how many times you listen.

4.) Feeling Good Today by Snatam Kaur

Every child should grow up with these empowering songs etched in their subconscious.  Grown-ups too will sing along and find themselves feeling good today.  No child can stay grumpy after “Feeling Good Today” or “I am the Light of My Soul”!

5.) Liberation’s Door by Snatam Kaur

This yoga music CD by Snatam Kaur has been the sound track to many classes I’ve attended with Gurmukh.  “Ardas Bhaee” and “Mother’s Blessing” always bring teachers, and the soaring “Cherdi Kalah” will elevate your tender heart.

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